2 things to regularly check on your car

Posted by: Cal on 20/06/2014

Category: General

Whether you've had a car for five weeks or five years, there are some things you need to keep an eye on regularly to ensure that your car experience runs smoothly. 

Here are the two of the most important things you need to check up on regularly.


Oil is used to lubricate the engine - without it, parts of the engine will wear down much quicker than they should. If your car ever runs out of oil, your engine will seize up and may need a complete replacement. Prevent this from happening by checking it regularly - simply pull out the dipstick, clean it off with a hand towel and dip it back in. You'll be able to see how much oil is in the tank by the little E (empty) and F (full) indicator at the tip. 


As a hardworking aspect of your car, tyres require a certain amount of attention. Be sure to check the tread on your tyres often and to keep them pumped up - tyres with the right air pressure can save you money on fuel!

Our free reminder service can ensure that you have plenty of warning when tyres need replacing - avoiding the issue of sourcing the money when it becomes time.