3 signs you need to change your car's oil

Posted by: Cal on 1/08/2014

Category: General

Just as you will be on the lookout for signs of wear in your wheels that indicate you need a new set of tyres, you should also monitor your car's oil so your vehicle can perform to its best.

Here are three signs your car needs an oil change.

The oil is black and gritty

The colour of a healthy oil is more of a honey brown, but it may darken after a few weeks. However, if you spot any particles mixed in with the darker liquid, it means it's time to do a change.

Otherwise these particles could wind up clogging up your filter, requiring more expensive mechanical work down the line. 

The check engine light is on

A sure fire sign that something under your bonnet needs to be monitored is when the check engine light comes on. 

When it does, save yourself too much hassle and get the dipstick out. All that could be required to make that pesky light disappear is a simple oil change. 

You can't remember when you last did it

If your memory is a little hazy, it could be time to check the state of your oil. At the same time, you could kill two birds with one stone and also do some tyre maintenance!