5 creative ways to repurpose your old tyres

Posted by: Cal on 11/07/2014

Category: General

So, it's time for a brand spanking new set of car tyres. But don't want to ditch your old, balding tyres and contribute to already overflowing landfills?

While you could create a custom-made tyre swing, there are other creative ways to make the most of these items - here are five ways to repurpose your old set and add pizzazz to your home.

An outdoor ottoman

Ever feel you don't use your outdoor area enough for relaxing? With this colourful and creative outdoor furniture, you and your loved ones will be itching to get into the great outdoors.

Simply cover the tyre with fabric, and take some measurements to create wooden circles to fill in the gap in the middle of the tyre. Cover the wooden circles with fabric and then drill holes into them and screw into your tyres. You can make an ottoman with just one tyre, or a stack to sit a little higher.

Make sure you have added sponge to the wooden lid of your ottoman for comfort. You can simply staple the excess fabric to the underside of your lid as it will be hidden from the eye.

Planter boxes

While you could place your tyre on the ground and install a garden in its centre, there are a few other ways to create a garden ornament using an old tyre.

Why not attach it to your wall and add flowers in the bottom for an attractive hanging garden? With a lick of paint this is sure to be a beautiful rustic addition no matter your colour scheme. Just remember to give the whole tyre a scrub before hanging it up.

Doggy bed

Have you got a small pooch dying for a new place to nap? That old tyre could be the perfect cost-effective solution to your problem.

All you need to do is give it a good clean - we find dishwashing liquid and a sturdy brush does the trick - and add cushioning of your choice to the bottom.

Kids' stool

Looking for a quirky and cheap way to seat your kids? This may well be your answer!

Simply cut your tyre into half and add a wooden slat to the top, to create the perfect semicircle. The wood will serve as the seat for your kids.

Coat it in a bright colour and add some eyes and a mouth on one side to give it a whimsical look - to see how this could look, click here


Want a great way to inspire your kids to become more creative but want to keep the mess limited to one area? 

Add a base to your tyre, paint it in a funky colour, add some sand and voila!

Not only have you found a great way to repurpose or upcycle your old tyres, but you can now enjoy the safety benefits of exceptional tyre performance from your new set!