6 tyre jokes that won't fall flat

Posted by: Cal on 12/09/2014

Category: General

Buying a new set of car tyres doesn't have to be a boring task! Let these jokes inject new life into these items and you are sure to find your tyre enthusiasm drives full steam ahead.

1.  Does a tyre fitter retire everyday?

2.  What made the dinosaur's car stop? A flat tyre-annosaurus

3. Sammy Obeid, the first comedian to ever perform for 1,000 consecutive days joked on his website that he got a flat tyre next to a homeless man, who said "spare change?" to which Sammy replied "change spare?"

4.  Bob walks up to Steve at a fancy dress party. Steve is wearing a spare car tyre around his waist. 

Bob: "What's that?"

Steve: "Satire"

Bob: "Yeah I can see that, but why are you wearing it?"

5. Where do cars get the most flat tyres? Where there is a fork in the road.

6. What part of the car is the laziest? The wheels because they are always tyred. 

While these jokes may be funny, driving with tyres in need of maintenance isn't! Make sure your tyres are up to scratch so you can stay safe on the road.