Australia's top surf beaches

Posted by: Cal on 25/09/2014

Category: General

Want to hit the road and put some kilometres on your new car tyres? What better way to experience the best Australia has to offer than by packing the surfboard into your car and heading along to ride a wave at one of the top surf beaches in the country?

The Lucky country features 37,000 kilometres of coastline so everyone from grommets to the more experienced surfer is bound to find something to suit - here are a few of the best beaches to explore.

Bells Beach, Victoria

This surf spot is iconic. Near Torquay, it is a gateway into Victoria's surf coast on Great Ocean Road and is home to the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition as well as the Music Festival Bird Rock. This is the country's oldest professional surfing event, and if you time your adventure well you may even be able to see the winner receive the traditional clanging bell trophy. 

Here the surf can rise to around five metres. Even if you just want to relax and watch the pros at work, this is the perfect spot for a holiday. 

Margaret River, Western Australia

While this region is often associated with wine, it also offers plenty of surf breaks!

However, the surf can be big so this might not be the best starting point if you are planning to take up surfing as a new hobby. More experienced folk will enjoy the ground swells and world class waves. The Margaret River Pro is held here annually, proving that this area can stack up in terms of what it offers to the punters.

If you plan on trying out a few of the beaches in the region, make sure your car is prepared. 4X4 tyres can help ensure your car can drive on sand. You may also want to think about bringing extra towels so your upholstery doesn't get wet. 

Mollymook Beach, New South Wales

Former Pro surfer Laura Andon spoke to the Daily Telegraph in January about her favourite surf spots Down Under and revealed this to be the place where she first picked up a board.

She said it is not too crowded making it the perfect spot for beginners. It can be a little nippy though, no matter the time of year, so make sure you take your wetsuit. 

Snapper Rocks, Queensland

If you are looking for a long and steady ride, you can't go wrong by parking your car tyres here. This beach is widely renowned as a top surfing spot where you can ride a wave up to two kilometres long. 

The swell here can reach from six to eight feet high and if you catch a good clean wave you can travel from Snapper Rocks all the way to Kirra. 

This beach also hosts many international surfing competitions such as the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro, MP Classic and Rip Curl Masters. 

Esperance, Western Australia

Looking for the cyclops? It might be best to watch from afar rather than trying to tame this beast. In fact, NineMSN included it in a list of the seven deadliest waves in the world.

In fact, this is the least surfed wave in the world and can only be accessed by boat. It features the heaviest and thickest lips in the world and boasts an extreme depth change as it engulfs itself. 

Point Break, Noosa, Queensland

For something that can be tackled by beginners, this beach could be perfect - when the waves are small. There are plenty of surfing schools located here too so you can have a lesson from a pro. 

However, on its best days it is ideal for those wanting something a little more challenging as the waves can reach 200 metres.