Car options worth considering if you want to sell your car

Posted by: Cal on 22/08/2014

Category: General

Eventually, you may want to trade-in or sell your car, so when you are considering which options you should add on, it may pay to think about how they will affect your car's resale value.

Here are a few options to consider that may boost your car's value - as well as your enjoyment when you test out those car tyres!

Automatic gear box

Opting for an automatic car may help you down the line as most drivers prefer these over manual transmissions. This means you will have a bigger market when it comes time to put your car on the market.

The only exception is where you have a high-performance sports car, as the manual transmission may provide some help when it comes to shifting through the gears.

Great set of tyres

Most new cars come complete with a new set of tyres, but if you have the option to choose which kind you want, it is a great idea to opt for the best quality tyres you can. These will improve the way your car handles as well as its fuel efficiency, making it a more appealing choice down the track.

Alloy wheels

These wheels can look more stylish, which is why they can markedly increase the value of your car. If you have the option to add these on to your new car when you first buy it, it could help you to recoup your costs at a later date.

Leather seats

Looking for comfort and style? Leather seats can provide both - and they will also last longer than other fabric alternatives.

When you purchase a car you may want to give some thought to this optional extra as it can boost your car's value. 

Parking sensors

These are an optional extra that are beginning to be included in more and more modern cars.

They provide an extra level of safety as they can alert you when something is in your way, whether that be a child, another car or something else.


Comfort and luxury are two words that can get you ahead of the game when it comes time to selling your car. In fact, it is worth noting that any items that can increase enjoyment of a person's driving experience may add value.