Check out 3 of the best adventurous car shows on TV

Posted by: Cal on 29/05/2014

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You don't have to race your own car around a track or head off-road into some seriously muddy and hazardous territory to get your car-related thrills.

In fact, it's a whole lot safer to sit back, relax and watch others do the dirty work on television.

There are plenty of awesome TV shows out there that treat us to living life - or driving - on the edge. Here are three of our favourite picks, but remember, don't try this at home!

Ice Road Truckers

In Australia, icy roads tend not to be our biggest threat. In countries such as the USA and Canada, however, it can be an entirely different story.

Now seven seasons in, Ice Road Truckers follows a group of truck drivers who travel through extremely treacherous winter territory in Canada and Alaska, across frozen lakes and rivers, sometimes risking their lives to make a delivery. 

It's not just the hair-raising roads and perilous cold and that leave viewers spellbound, it's the tension and competition between drivers and rival companies operating in some of the world's harshest conditions. 

One of the show's most iconic characters is Lisa Kelly, the program's only female truck driver. Starting out as a rookie, she quickly proved her mettle often beating out all the other drivers in terms of speed and efficiency when making deliveries. This is no mean feat in such a competitive and challenging environment. It didn't always go down well in the male-dominated field of ice road trucking either, but Lisa's determination never failed and she's now one of Alaska's best heavy haulers, driving challenging cargo on some of the world's most extreme roads. 

Check out Ice Road Truckers and prepare to be on the edge of your seat - plus, get ready to cheer Lisa on!

BBC World's Most Dangerous Roads

Want to see some British celebs fit out their 4x4 tyres, hop into the driver's seat and head out in a four wheel drive on some of the world's most dangerous roads? Then take a look at this show if you think you can handle the stress!

With three exciting seasons spanning roads across the globe, the series has made for thrilling viewing. In season one, check out Sue Perkins and Charley Boorman tackle Ice Road Trucker territory as they make their way to Alaska's Dalton Highway, or see how Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies cope driving around Nepal's notorious mountainous. Another episode sees drivers attempt hazardous Peruvian mountain roads. 

After a successful first season, season two visited Siberia's Road of Bones, Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh Trail and Ethiopia's bumpy roads to Aksum. 

Season three topped it all off with adventures to Madagascar, Georgia and the high-altitude roads of Bolivia. 

Car vs Wild

This adventurous series sees former British special forces soldier Gary Humphrey and American car enthusiast Bill Wu drive their way through - and back out of - the wilderness. 

All they have to help them survive and make their way out is their skills and a sweet set of wheels, but their missions are challenging and they're taken to some of the most remote and extreme parts of the world. 

You can bet there are a few mishaps along the way, whether it's car tyres being punctured by rough terrain or getting lost in Mexico's perilous volcanic territory. Watch this show and witness these men and their vehicles pushed to the limits. 

There's nothing like viewing these hair-raising, adrenalin-filled, white-knuckle ride television shows from the safety of your very own couch at home! What's your favourite adventurous car television show so far?