Do your teens know how to change a tyre?

Posted by: Cal on 23/09/2014

Category: General

A recent study of US teens has found not many would know what to do if they had a flat tyre.

The study was released in August, according to the Wall Street Journal and revealed 52 per cent of American teens between the ages of 15 and 17 do not know how to replace a flat tyre. Over and above that, a further 44 per cent admitted not knowing how to examine the tyre tread depth and 32 per cent were unaware how to check tyre pressure.

Over 1,000 teens were questioned about their knowledge of car tyre safety and maintenance, an issue that is not currently covered in every state when American teens sit their driving tests.

Australia has a minimum legal tread depth of 1.5mm so it is essential your teen knows how to check the tyre's depth to ensure they are within the law.

Not only that but if stranded in the middle of the outback, it is essential they know how to change a tyre so they can get out of a pickle. Failing that, before they head out on the roads, make sure they have roadside assistance set up to ensure they will not be left stranded.