Get fit with car tyres

Posted by: Cal on 15/04/2014

Category: General

This time of year isn't usually when most Australians make their fitness goals - but why not make an exception and get a head start on the rest of your friends before the usual rush in the weeks before the summer months?

While getting fit may conjure nasty images of pounding the pavement or painful, endless push-ups, the truth is if you add a dash of creativity, it can actually be a lot of fun.

That's where car tyres come in. Instead of throwing away your old set once you need to replace your tyres, keep them - if you use them right, they can also be the perfect fitness accessory!

Here are some ideas on how to use your old set of car tyres to gain guns of steel and washboard abs (no guarantees from us on this, though!)

Obstacle course

One of the most fun ways to use tyres for fitness is to set up your own mini obstacle course. Circuits are great for raising the heart rate, and depending what sort of exercises you set up, you could potentially work out almost all areas of the body. There are plenty of ways to incorporate tyres into your obstacle course - how about lying them down in a row on the ground to run through, constructing a climbing wall, or setting them upright to crawl through?

Tyre dragging

Dragging a tyre using a harness and rope around your abdominal area is a great form of resistance training and will build strength in your core and legs. If you want to increase the difficulty levels of this exercise, Wanna Be Big blog recommends simply attaching the tyre with a longer strap, as this will increase friction, making the tyre more difficult to move.

Strength exercises

An old tyre can also be used for a variety of strength exercises - you just have to use your imagination! The elevated height of a tyre makes it perfect for performing exercises that require your body to be slightly off the ground.

To work your triceps, place the tyre on the ground and position yourself with your back facing the tyre, your hands on the edge of the tyre, and your legs straight out in front of you. Lower your body slowly to the floor and raise up again.

Step ups are also a great way to raise your heart rate and tone legs and calves. Simply quickly step from the ground to the edge of the tyre with one foot and follow suit with your other foot, then to the ground again, and repeat. Quicken the tempo to challenge yourself.