Get your wheels balanced for driving safety

Posted by: Cal on 26/02/2014

Category: General

Even if you've got car tyres with sufficient tread, you check their pressure and replace them when you need to, there are still a couple of factors to take into consideration for overall tyre safety.

One of those factors is whether you are paying attention to how often you are getting a wheel balance. If you don't know what that is, or you can't recall ever having one done, now is the time to take action!

Ensuring your car receives a wheel balance at the correct point in time is essential for driving safety. Without one, your car tyres are subject to premature wearing, which is wasteful and can get costly if you consistently need to replace tyres more often than needed.

According to Bridgestone, tyres are unbalanced when one section of the wheel is heavier than others. This causes tyres to travel unevenly, and can affect excess wear of not only tyres, but also your car's suspension.

One of the most worrying side-effects of unbalanced tyres is causing vibration while driving - this can easily cause the dangerous condition of driver fatigue.

We recommend that you get your tyres balanced by a professional whenever you purchase new car tyres and they are fitted to your wheels for the very first time, or after tyres have undergone any tyre maintenance.

It's also important that you have wheels balanced at the first sign of them affecting your driving through being unbalanced. You'll notice signs such as the steering wheel moving or vibrating in your hands, or 'wobbly' wheels - this can cause the feeling that you are travelling unevenly, and the car may feel a little unsteady on the road.

Signs present while driving are not the only ones to watch out for. Physically inspect your tyres regularly for any signs of uneven wear and areas that look worn - this is a good sign that they need a tyre balance (or replacing completely!)

Here at Tyreright, we recommend that you get your tyres balanced every 20,000​ km or so, but if you notice any of the above signs before this point, it's important to get them done sooner.

There's nothing more important than keeping you and your passengers safe when driving on the Aussie roads, so take heed and be aware of these signs - your tyres want to be looked after!