How to choose the right car for you

Posted by: Cal on 20/06/2014

Category: General

Finding a car that suits your needs can be a difficult process. With so many options on the market today with an overwhelmingly large number of varying factors, making the right choice that fits in with your lifestyle, taste and budget is tricky. 

Here we have a few recommendations that may help to make the buying process simpler for you.

1. The family wagon

Parents need a car that suits family life, one that is reliable, safe and has plenty of room for soccer boots, science projects and the occasional bike. It also needs dependable tyres that will keep it gripped to the road and responsive in an emergency. The 2014 Subaru Forester ticks all these boxes, and was described by The Car Connection as 'one of the safest, most versatile vehicles you can buy today' - they even awarded it the title of Best Car To Buy 2014. identified a family car as one that is practical, built solidly and economical, stating that due to the popularity of this kind of vehicle, there are a lot to choose from. Identifying the Ford Focus hatchback, the Mazda3 hatchback and the Skoda yeti SUV as a few of their top picks, there are plenty of different options out there that will ensure you can keep up on the motorway, not spend a bomb every time you head to the petrol station and ensure your kids are safe in the back. 

2. The city slicker

Those in the city require easy to drive, comfortable cars that require relatively low running costs and have the durability to be used both in and out of the city, according to  A big issue for city slickers is parking, and small vehicles are a great way to sneak into tight parks on the high street! A zippy car that allows its driver to jump in and out, with a good-sized space in the back for passengers and shopping items. The runaround needs to house features that work with the driver to make things quick and easy. The winner of the Australia's Best Car award for a small car under $35,000 was the Hyundai i30 Active - and was described as a "solid, value-for-money package", by The National Roads & Motorists' Association.

3. The off-roader

So you need something for those fishing trips on the beach, off-roading sessions across the paddocks and basically a car that can take you from A to B no matter what the terrain? Australia's Best Cars identified the Land Rover Discovery 4 TDV6 their top pick due to its excellent off-road ability, best-in-class ranking for safety and top marks for interior comfort and ride. Land Rover pride themselves in producing cars that handle rough terrain brilliantly whilst still offering luxury interior - making it a great option for those who want to take their ride from the paddocks to the town. It's important to consider your needs when purchasing an off-road vehicle, as these heavily determine which choice is right for you. This Land Rover seamlessly carries over from farm to city life, but there are certainly excellent choices for those looking for a car that only needs to satisfy off-road needs. You should give thought to engine power, the ease in which you can purchase spare parts and fuel consumption, recommends - and make sure you fit with some great all terrain tyres!

No matter what car you're wanting to purchase, be sure to give it some serious thought as to what you need it for.