How to know when your tyres need rotating

Posted by: Cal on 7/03/2014

Category: General

Car tyres are amazing little inventions - without them, we wouldn't be travelling very far! So if you appreciate what your tyres do for you, it's important to look after them right to get the best out of them.

Tyre rotation is a service that your tyres need every once in a while in order to maximise their performance, prevent uneven wear and make sure they last well.

When driving, your car tyres are under different amounts of pressure and take on different jobs, according to RACQ Australia. Aspects such as cornering and braking loads vary between tyres, and for this reason, they can wear down at different rates.

Ideally, all four tyres should be replaced at the same time - so if your tyres are wearing unevenly, this may not be possible.

To prevent this, your tyres need to be rotated to even out wear. Different manufacturers may advise different guidelines for varying car makes, but here at Tyreright we recommend a general guide as rotating them once every 10,000 km you drive. 

If you think your tyres are showing signs of wear before the 10,000 km mark, don't hesitate to ask the friendly staff at Tyreright to give them a once over.

We also provide a tyre rotation reminder service - so there's no excuse to forget!