How to make the most of your stereo on a long trip

Posted by: Cal on 29/07/2014

Category: General

A car stereo is almost as important as a safe pair of car tyres when you are embarking on a long road trip, as it can give you relief from the golden sound of silence and provide a backdrop to those special memories you are creating.

However, after a while you may become sick of listening to static as you lose radio signal again - or you may decide you fancy something other than your favourite genre of music to break up the journey. Here are a few other things you can listen to on your car stereo.

Try a different radio station

Do you usually listen to golden oldies or are you a top 40 fanatic? Trying a new station may spice up your trip - and you never know, you may just discover a new favourite song, so get cranking on that radio dial.

Don't be scared to try something new - even talk back radio has its good moments!


Do you fancy being accompanied by the dulcet notes of your favourite celebrity as he or she reads you their memoirs? How about being thrilled by a horror story? Lulled by a romantic encounter?

No matter your poison, there is an audiobook to suit your needs - the key will be to ensure you manage to keep an eye on the road, as you don't want to be too distracted by your hero that you miss a vital turnoff.

Some audiobooks can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet or you may even choose to play it old school and play a CD in your stereo - the choice is yours.

Relive your childhood

While you could listen to a book with a certain gravitas, this may require some concentration. So, an alternative is to listen to something a little lighter, such as a children's book. It may seem a little low-brow but as you fall in love with your favourite characters all over again you'll be glad you chose it.

Plus, some of these books have hidden meanings for adults that you may not have picked up as a child. For instance, who knew that Hansel and Gretel is really about oral greed, separation anxiety and starvation fear? This is the theory of Austrian-American psychoanalytic theorist Bruno Bettleheim - see for yourself if you can pick up this message.

Learn a language

Why not take the time on the roads to learn something new? Language tapes may seem rather antiquated, but you could download a program onto your smartphone and learn some new phrases as you go.

Learning a second language has been found to help stave off dementia and Alzheimers, meaning it could help you to drive for longer. Not only that, but it can also help you learn to multitask better and may even improve your memory, according to a study entitled Do Intensive Studies of a Foreign Language Improve Associative Memory Performance published in the US National Library of Medicine

Listen to a podcast

Not a natural linguist? Never fear, there are other ways to broaden your horizon. In fact, you could learn about almost any subject under the sun whether it be animal welfare, the environment or space. Plenty of experts are on hand!

Simply download a few lectures and you will be good to go.


What better way to learn about your favourite subject or keep up to date with the happenings of the world than by listening to a well known journalist interview an expert on his or her subject manner? If you search around enough you can find almost anything online - even if you wanted to better understand tyre performance!

Comedy shows

You may want to have a laugh while you drive and there is no better way to have a chuckle than by listening to your favourite stand-up performer as you journey to your destination. Whether it be an old classic familiar to you or the discovery of new material, the roads are sure to float by and you will be there before you know it.