How to make your tyres sparkle

Posted by: Cal on 29/08/2014

Category: General

If you have been driving on gravel or dirt roads, you will understand how dirty both your wheels and car tyres can get.

However, the importance of cleaning these parts of your vehicle isn't just cosmetic, it can save you money and stress in the long term.

According to industry professionals, by allowing brake dust to settle on your tyres, the coating of the tyre can be eaten away and pit the metal. As brake dust is highly corrosive, it can do costly damage to the tyres and leave you with a hefty bill at the end.

To avoid this, you should engage in regular cleaning to remove this dust before it is too late and improve overall tyre performance.

Here are some tips to make your tyres and wheels sparkle:

  • Clean the tyres and wheels with a cleaner recommended by your supplier or the manufacturer
  • Clean these sections before the rest of the vehicle to avoid overspray onto beautiful shiny panels
  • Complete one at a time so the cleaner doesn't dry onto the tyres and wheels
  • Rinse thoroughly with water before moving onto the next one
  • Use a special terry cloth towel to remove water spots and clean off any brake dust residue