How to turn rush hour traffic into a time to enjoy

Posted by: Cal on 4/03/2014

Category: General

Imagine you're on your way to work - you're driving along the Australian roads with the windows down, the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin and the music turned up loud. It's the perfect start to the morning - until you suddenly hit that dreaded wall of traffic.

Rush hour traffic can put a damper on your driving experience, but unfortunately, it cannot be avoided. However, it's not all bad - there are ways to get around the frustration of travelling during the backlog of cars on their way to work.

In fact, if you use the time wisely, crawling along in rush hour traffic could even make your day a little less stressful!

Plan your day

If you face a long commute to work each day, it's the perfect time to get yourself organised for the day ahead. Instead of becoming frustrated at how long it's taking to travel a few metres, use your time to think up a schedule for the day to come, generate new ideas for that meeting, or organise errands in your head. That way, instead of rushing to plan when you arrive in the office, the hard work is already done.

Use it as downtime

It might seem frustrating to be wasting your free hours stuck in traffic, but entertainment can be combined with travel (sensibly, of course!). Compile your favourite uplifting songs into a CD to play on the way, tune in to talk back stations, or stream a stand up comedy podcast through your radio.


By changing your perspective, a longer commute could actually be viewed as a little more time to relax. Take advantage of this and indulge in each moment you have to yourself behind the wheel.

Create lists

When you're by yourself in the car and you're heading nowhere fast, you'll have plenty of thinking time. Take the opportunity to make a list in your head of important tasks to get done - how about making a mental note to get your car tyres checked for wear or replacing them if they're more than five years old?

Take a colleague/friend

Taking a friend will mean you've got someone to chat to for the duration of your drive. If a friend works in the same area as you, offer to drop them off at work. Alternatively, offer a colleague that lives close by a lift to your workplace - it could even be a great way to make some new friends!