Keeping your kids interested in cars

Posted by: Cal on 15/01/2014

Category: General

A strong interest in cars from an early age may indicate your sprog could be the next Michael Schumacher - or at the very least, will be able to repair his or her own car without calling you for help at three in the morning!

Whether or not your kids are displaying a desire to get involved in the car world, here's how you can spark their interest in all things auto.


Start them off early with car-themed kids' movies. Herbie is an obvious classic, and whether you go for the original or the Lindsay Lohan version is up to you!

Children (and adults) everywhere love Cars and Cars 2, so this is compulsory viewing for any speed freaks and animated film fanatics. You'll all love Lightning McQueen and there's plenty of humour in here to keep the whole family laughing.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is another classic family movie that features plenty of car action. Be warned, though, some of the themes in this film can be a bit scary for the little ones, so make sure to watch it with them.


If your kids are the hands-on types, you may find they want to help you out when you work on your car. While some maintenance jobs are unsuitable for the little ones, they can help with easier jobs like cleaning the car, helping to check air pressure levels when doing tyre maintenance and figuring out how much petrol you need to put in the tank.

There's no harm in talking to kids about things like oil and water checks, battery performance and brake maintenance. If you do this from a young age, by the time they are old enough to drive they may even know more about maintenance than you!

You can ask kids to help you carefully fill an empty water tank up, or add more windscreen wiper fluid to the container. Smaller members of your family tend to love pushing buttons, so let them pop the petrol cap or press the latch to open your boot or bonnet whenever it needs doing.

Trick them into helping you clean your car by handing them a vacuum cleaner or sponge and soap suds for a bonding experience with a difference. They'll get to help out on a grown up job, while you'll get a cleaner car in no time!


Reluctant automotive assistants may be lured into loving cars with the promise of road trips and drives to beautiful places. If they associate cars with positive experiences, like days at the beach or camping holidays, they're likely to view them in a more receptive way.

Ask them to help you prepare the car before a road trip by checking all the fluid levels and helping you pack essentials like torches, water bottles and jumper cables. You could even hand them a map and ask them to suggest a new route or location for you to visit together.


Sporty children may find the world of car racing fascinating, and it's a great way to bond with them over a shared passion. As a family you could unite over a mutual team to support, or divide up into groups of Ford and Holden fans.

There are plenty of racing events to head to in Australia each year, from the V8 Supercars to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Smaller local events are affordable and accessible to many, so they may be a great place to start for your budding racer.