Little luxuries: Car add-ons you never knew you needed

Posted by: Cal on 10/01/2014

Category: General

Car owners feeling chuffed after splashing out on a brand new set of high-quality car tyres may be quickly brought back down to earth when they read about all the extravagant car add-ons on the market today. No longer is a fresh set of wheels and a sparkling wax job enough to keep up with those on the rich list - these days, more is more!

Auto-closing doors

Closing your own car door has never seemed more cumbersome with the introduction of auto-closing doors on the BMW 74Li. This feature allows you to softly close doors until you hear a click, then technology takes over and does the rest for you. You'll never slam a door again - but it comes at a price! The feature will set you back over $4,000, so think long and hard before splashing out on this luxury.

Liquor cabinets

You'd be forgiven for thinking automobiles aren't exactly the best place to store your favourite tipple, but some cars these days have built in liquor cabinets and even coolers for chilling champagne. The Bentley Arnage R has a discreet wine cooler beneath the backseat centre armrests, meaning passengers can enjoy a glass of bubbles as they are driven to their destination - or simply cruise in the backseat like celebrities. If you're worrying about where to put your glass between sips, never fear! The Bentley's got it covered with a foldout table to rest your flute between top-ups.

Door umbrellas

Never get caught in the rain again with the Rolls-Royce Ghost, which comes complete with Teflon-lined door umbrellas ready for any sudden downpours. The umbrellas are full-size golf varieties that live inside each front door, popping out with the push of a shiny chrome button ready for action.

Worried about what to do with the wet umbrella post-use? Rolls Royce doesn't want your car to get wet, so they've designed the storage compartments to drain down to the footpath.

Cabin fragrance

If fresh pine emitted by a rear-vision mirror air freshener doesn't do it for you anymore, take a look at the Mercedes-Benz S550. This creative car comes with an aromatherapy system tied in to the climate control, wafting fresh scents into the cabin for an easy breezy aroma.

Choose from four different scent "moods" - nightlife, downtown, fireside and sport.

Fresh paint

For possibly the most expensive paint job you can get on a new car, look at the Stryker Red paint option on the SRT Viper. Setting you back over $14,000, this option costs the same amount of money as buying a whole new car, but this paint job is admittedly spectacular.

It's a three-step painting process that takes a whole week to complete - and that's just for one car. The company works on nothing but Stryker Red cars for one day of every week, so there must be some demand for the pricey paint!

Starry ceilings

Anyone tried of the same old boring interior ceiling of their car could consider making their next purchase a Rolls-Royce Phantom. This beautiful beast comes with a starlight headliner that costs around $12,000, serving simply to light up your roof with 1,600 sparkling fibre-optic lights. Why look at the night sky ever again when you can simply gaze up at the roof of your car?

The bottom line

While all of these additions can make your car a more enjoyable space to be in, none of them will improve the safety of your car. It's vital that you look after your vehicle with regular tyre maintenance, oil changes and water checks to ensure you make it to your destination in one piece.