Modern tips for an old fashioned road trip

Posted by: Cal on 10/07/2014

Category: General

No matter whether you are planning to celebrate a milestone birthday, engagement or just want to get out of the city for a weekend, a road trip may well be your answer.

You might have in mind a Bonnie and Clyde-style escapade, but the truth is, the art of experiencing the perfect road trip has evolved.

Here are some of the great ways you can enjoy the spirit of an old-fashioned road trip while not leaving behind any of the modern conveniences you have come to rely on.

Safety essentials: Why a band aid will no longer cut it

As well as ensuring you have a first aid kit for emergencies, it is also essential to fit your car out with all kinds of safety equipment.

While seat belts, air bags and head restraints are pretty much standard features across the board, other options to consider include rear vision cameras and park assist technology.

In order to ensure your protection on the roads, you may also want to make sure your car tyres are up to scratch. These should be maintained at an optimal level of pressure.

Over inflation can cause tyres to wear unevenly and may affect your car's ability to break, according to the NRMA.

Are eskies still a good option?

It is important to remain hydrated as you travel along those dusty roads. However, nobody likes to sip on lukewarm water!

These days you have countless choices about the kind of cooler you would like to use to chill those drinks. You could opt for a more old fashioned esky or instead look into mini fridges that plug into the cigarette lighter. 

No matter what you decide, ensure you have packed a good supply of drinks in case you need to travel a few kms between shops.

Don't forget the jams: Why a mix tape is still relevant

One of the most quintessential features of a road trip: The music.

In days of yore, a cassette tape would be cranked and road trippers would have only a small selection of their favourite hits to enjoy as they travel from A to B.

However, modern technology has introduced a revolution to this process, with Steve Job's creation of the iPod, the world's first portable music player in 2001. 

Now it is possible to have access to all the music you could have dreamed of at the touch of a button on your phone. You could even customise the perfect road trip playlist. This means you can listen to your faves whenever your little heart desires.

Some cars also offer on road DVD players so you can keep your passengers happy while you focus on the task at hand. However, make sure you don't let these distract you from the road!

Say goodbye to the grids and boxes: Maps are so 2000

Rather than relying on a dusty old print out to help you find your way, these days you have a myriad of options, from GPS systems to Google Maps and other apps that can be downloaded on to your phone.

These devices can also help you locate specific places, whether it be a restaurant, hotel or even somewhere nearby that does tyre maintenance so you can squeeze every moment out of your trip rather than driving down countless roads searching for a hidden gem.

Get those creative juices flowing

While a scrapbook was once a great way to show off those holiday snaps to the world, this may be a little outdated now.

Instead, think about creative ways to pose so your Instagram or Facebook feeds and Snapchat story are full of unusual and beautiful images, sure to wow your friends!

Remember in order to achieve the perfect road trip photo you need to have the right outfit! The style to aim for is something that has just been thrown together - think vintage, denim, plaid and fringing for a classic look that will stand the test of time.