Notable cars throughout history

Posted by: Cal on 9/01/2014

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Some people love cars with a passion, whereas others simply see them as a method to get from A to B. Whatever camp you're in, the world of automotive history can be incredibly fascinating. Take a look at some of the best, worst and most important cars throughout history.

Ford Model T

No list of cars throughout history would be complete without the inclusion of the Ford Model T. Known as "Tin Lizzie", this was the first car made widely affordable for the general public, and forever changed the way people travelled.

The car was built from 1908 until 1927, with over 15 million models made to be sold at a price as low as $300. Henry Ford's vision for practical, affordable mode of transportation was realised in the Model T, which was famed for its durability, versatility and exceptionally low cost compared to earlier cars.

In terms of style, the vehicle had several body options ranging from a seven-seat town car down to a two-seat runabout. A choice of colours was initially available to consumers, but eventually the car was mass produced solely in black.

The engine generated 20 horsepower, which is paltry by today's standards but was all that was required in those early days. It could hit top speeds of 70 km per hour.

Interestingly, the design of the car tyres on the car changed over time, with wheel colours changing to match the body of the car and spokes and bolts being upgraded as time went on.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla isn't a flashy car, but it sure is popular. It was Australia's best-selling car in 2013, and one of the most popular cars of all time worldwide. In fact, it's so popular that over 40 million have been sold since its introduction on the market in 1966. Initially, it was aimed at the Japanese general public, but went on to take over automotive markets the world over.

The Corolla is constantly evolving to keep up with new technology, safety standards, market trends and public demand. It's widely regarded as a reliable, robust car that can get drivers where they need to go with little fuss and low maintenance.

Hailed as the most popular car in the world, the Corolla's real competition is itself. As such, developers constantly seek to incorporate luxury factors into an affordable model in order to surpass the former generation of car.

Yugo GV

The Yugo is thought to be one of the worst cars of all time, owing to its poor transmission performance, constant need to replace the timing belt and extremely lightweight nature. In fact, the Yugo is so lightweight that it once blew off a bridge in Michigan, proving fatal for the driver.

Built in Yugoslavia (hence the name), the car prides itself on having carpet installed as a standard feature, and reportedly has a rear-window defroster solely to keep people's hands warm as they push it.

It's unreliable, prone to breakdowns and incredibly tiny, meaning it's not a popular choice for today's drivers.

Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati is a luxury car manufacturer that specialises in stunningly beautiful sports cars with huge power. Its models are in high demand with celebrities, sports players and auto enthusiasts, but with price tags of well over $100,000 it's unlikely the average Joe can afford this slice of heaven!

The 2014 GranTurismo comes in two-door and four-door options, with five trims available to suit every driver. It's got a huge 454-horsepower V8 engine to give drivers the grunt they want, with a six-speed transmission standard.