Old tyres, new toys

Posted by: Cal on 9/09/2014

Category: General

The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand recently released a YouTube video of some of their elephants playing with some old car tyres, leading us to think about how you could recycle your old set when you replace them.

Not all of us have an elephant in the back garden, but if you have a dog, cat or horse, there are a few ways you can turn these tyres into fun toys to keep them occupied.

Tyre dog toys

If you have a large dog with strong jaws, there is no doubt you have tried all matter of toys in the hope they will last longer than five minutes.

An old tyre is the perfect solution. Simply tie a rope through the tyre and hang it from a tree at their head level. As soon as your four-legged friend is used to playing with it, you could raise it to make it even more fun for them.

However, this toy needs to be supervised at all times as your dog could get sick if he or she ingests any of the rubber.

Another alternative is to half bury the tyre in the ground, providing your pet with a fun place to play and a tough surface to test his or her teeth on.

Tyre jumps for dogs and horses

Are you looking into doing agility with your furry friend? Or do you ride a horse and do show jumping or enjoy steeplechase? Why not craft your own tyre jump so your dog or horse can practice making those tight bounds at home?

For a dog you will need to place the tyre so he or she can jump through it - not over it. See if you can hang it from a tree or if you are feeling adventurous pick up some PVC piping and construct your own stand to hold the tyre up.

Horse riders can also use tyres to create jumps for their favourite animals. Simply bury them in a line vertical to the ground - you want a higher not wider jump for these pets.

Climbing spots for goats

If you have a pet goat, you probably know how important it is to keep him or her occupied when you are away from home. "Planting" a couple of truck tyres so they are vertical in the ground can provide them with the climbing range they need - and it is sure to keep you entertained! 

Watch as they jump on and off the tyre, playing king of the mountain. This is sure to keep them exercised as well, which is good for their physical wellbeing.