Survey finds men too scared to help women change a tyre

Posted by: Cal on 7/03/2014

Category: General

In years gone by, the concept of changing a tyre may have been foreign knowledge to most women.

However, this perception may be changing in modern times, with an article published by the Daily Express uncovering the shocking results of a recent study by Micheldever Tyres in New Hampshire, England.

According to the survey, over half of men responded that they would simply drive past if they saw a woman with a flat tyre on the side of the road.

Apparently, some of these men were worried they would appear sexist for assuming a woman could not cope with a flat tyre on her own. 

While this may be a testament to the capabilities and car tyre knowledge of women today, what's more worrying is that some men would ignore a woman stuck with a flat tyre due to ignorance of car and tyre maintenance, according to the poll.

Tyre maintenance is one of the most important aspects of owning a car. From checking the tread depth to getting your tyres balanced every 10,000 km, looking after your tyres counts and can leave you with tyres that last.

Flat tyres can't always be prevented, but looking after your car tyres well is a great start keeping them healthy. If you do find yourself with a flat tyre and need to invest in a new one, Bridgestone tyres and Runway tyres are both great options.

And lads (and ladies!), remember - if you see someone with a flat tyre, don't be afraid to pull over and offer assistance - they may just be grateful for your help!