The pros and cons of convertible cars

Posted by: Cal on 27/06/2014

Category: General

Convertible cars tend to be a summer highlight, but can they be a great purchase in winter or should we be sticking to cars with roofs?

Here, we weigh up the pros and cons of convertible cars to help you decide whether the purchase of one is right for you.



  • Convertibles have much stronger sides than ordinary cars, meaning the in the event of a side collision, you will be much safer, according to
  • They are lighter than standard cars, according to, meaning that they may reach higher speeds, quicker.
  • The looks are the biggest pro for most people who are looking to buy a convertible car. The lead hero or heroine always seems to be driving these cars in films, and they are constantly an attraction for passers by.
  • In winter, you can often find specially priced convertibles.
  • Convertibles house a number of luxury features, even in the non-luxury models. You can look forward to heated seats, climate control, keyless start systems and other features in many models, according to
  • You can opt for soft or hard top options - with hard tops offering the security and weather-resistance of an ordinary car.


  • They are pricier than ordinary cars - the average pricing being between $35,000 to $80,000 for a brand new convertible, according to
  • Most convertibles are only 2-door, so they aren't practical for families. 
  • Soft tops are often targeted for theft due to the simplicity of the action, and it can be a costly affair fixing them after the fact, states
  • The most obvious con is the rain. If you are driving around with the top down and it starts raining suddenly, it can be difficult to get the roof closed in time to shield your interior from getting wet. Worse than this, if you leave your car parked somewhere with the top down, you run the risk of a completely soaked interior upon your return.
  • In the event of a rolling crash, having the top down can be extremely dangerous. Even if you have the soft top roof up, it still doesn't offer the support and shelter that an ordinary car would in that situation.

Now that you can clearly see the pros and cons of convertible cars, it's up to you to decide whether or not you prefer the looks and excitement of a convertible or the safety and security of an ordinary car. They both have their perks - and you can always improve them with a set of high-performance tyres!