The six most annoying road trip companions

Posted by: Cal on 20/03/2014

Category: General

Going on a road trip can be the ultimate way to unwind and relax on the way to your destination - provided you're in good company, that is.

Being stuck in a confined space for hours on end with these annoying passengers is sure to drive anyone up the wall - so check your car tyres, load the vehicle with some snacks for the road, and brace yourself!

If any of these passengers sounds like you, it may be time to reassess your road trip antics:

The 'back seat driver'

This passenger loves to comment on anything and everything you may be doing wrong, or could do better. From the way you hold the steering wheel to which route is the 'better' one to take, everything will seem to have an alternative to this passenger. According to a survey conducted by, comments on driving speed and giving directions were among the worst irritations to experience when driving, with 47 and 29 per cent of respondents indicating this as their top back seat offence.

The karaoke hopeful

Singing along to the music is fun, but can begin to get irritating when you have a passenger intent on screaming the wrong lyrics at the top of their lungs or who is simply a dreadful singer. Offenders, listen up - does the thought of driving along to an incessant ballad of chirpy pop songs sound fun? We didn't think so.

The chatterbox

Like those passengers who love to sing, the talkative passenger comes with a stream of chatter that may seem to never end. From stories of their cat at home to a detailed analysis of the former years of their life, you'll feel like packing ear plugs to block this passenger out.

The over packer

Though not directly irritating, the over packer will annoy you with their sheer oversight when it comes to the size of their bags. Instead of limiting their baggage like other travellers, this traveller will arrive with two suitcases, five pillows, a giant blanket and a 'handbag' the size of a small dog. You won't be the only one annoyed by this passenger - other people in the car won't enjoy being squished into a tiny space by a mountain of bags!

The anxious passenger

There's nothing worse than a passenger who doesn't have confidence in your driving abilities, so anxious passengers are one of the worst when it comes to road trip companions. Of those who completed the survey, 15 per cent rated passengers who dramatically push an emergency 'brake' while you're on the road as their top road trip annoyance. Other annoying habits include audible gasps at unnecessary points on the road, and clutching door handles in terror.

The selfish passenger

Comfort (of their own kind) is at the top of the list for this passenger, and they'll have no issues curling up for a snooze, eating all the snacks or reading a good book while you drive away the kilometres. They'll take no notice of whether you need a break from driving, so you may be stuck with the task for the entire trip.

Even though you may feel like you're about to die from irritation, these passengers won't end up doing serious harm. However, other road hazards can be a risk on long trips, so it's best to do a thorough check of your car tyres and vehicle before you leave.

Make sure you:

•     Ensure tyres are at the correct tyre pressure and fill them at a local service station before you leave if not

•     Check your tread depth - we recommend tyres have at least 3mm of tread depth, but the legal minimum is 1.6mm

•     Make sure you have enough fuel to last the journey (or at least until the next petrol station), plus oil and radiator coolant

•     Check lights are all in good working order

•     Pack some car emergency essentials in the boot