The ultimate tyre care checklist

Posted by: Cal on 7/03/2014

Category: General

Do you spend hours washing and polishing your most prized possession - your car?

If you take your time getting the exterior of your car perfectly primed, you should also be looking after one of your car's most important feature, the car tyres.

However, some car owners forget how important the upkeep of tyres are to overall car health. You won't be going far in that shiny exterior if your tyres aren't in good nick!

For those not quite sure where to begin when keeping tyres ready for perfect performance, here are some of the most important tyre care habits to train yourself into:

Checking your tread depth

Those grooves in your tyre surface are known as 'tread', and they have to be a certain depth if you're to be safe on the roads. The Australian legal minimum for tread depth is 1.6mm, so tyres with anything less than this should be replaced immediately. Generally, new tyres will have 8mm of tread depth, and we recommend you don't let your tread depth get to the legal minimum at all - in fact, drivers should begin looking for new tyres at 3mm of depth.

Getting them balanced

Unbalanced tyres may cause vibrations through your steering wheel and thus result in driver fatigue, not to mention will wear out your rubber far more quickly than necessary. To avoid becoming a hazard on the roads (and spending cash on new tyres), get your tyres balanced by a professional if these signs arise or use every 20,000km as a guide.

Maintaining the correct pressure

Tyres need to be inflated to the correct pressure in order to be safe on the roads. Plus, driving with the correct tyre pressure could even save you fuel! To find your car's recommended tyre pressure, consult your users manual. It should also be located on the inside of your fuel flap. Get into the habit of checking pressure regularly and refilling when you visit the service station, which you shouldn't need to do as much if your tyres are the correct pressure!

Rotating tyres regularly

Because each tyre is in a different spot of the car, they can perform different functions while you drive. This means that some tyres are under different pressure to others, and can end up wearing down unevenly. To stop your tyres wearing down at different rates, they need to be rotated regularly - we recommend this is done every 10,000km. We even offer a tyre rotation reminder - so there's no excuse to forget this tyre check!

Keeping an eye out for issues

Apart from taking the time to carry out these essential checks, it's also a good idea to run an eye over your wheels whenever possible. Look out for anything abnormal, such as uneven wear or excessive wear in certain spots. You don't have to wait the recommended time of five years to replace your tyres - if they're worn, they may need replacing sooner.

Check for leaks

If you find yourself constantly having to fill up your tyres with air, you could have a small puncture. Although a little air loss is normal over time, if it's happening too regularly then something may be wrong. Confirm the matter by mixing up a car wash liquid with some water, and spread it all over the tyre. If you see small bubbles escaping, that's where the puncture is located, and you'll know it's time to invest in a new tyre.

Consult a professional

If you don't trust yourself to look after your tyres right, don't hesitate to get them checked by a professional. Here at Tyreright we'll be happy to look over any concerns you have, and our staff are pretty knowledgeable on tyres!