Top places to drive to if you want to see koalas in the wild

Posted by: Cal on 8/08/2014

Category: General

Koalas are as quintessentially Australian as the men Down Under, so it's no small wonder you will want to catch a glimpse of these animals in the wild.

Having a car equipped with the very latest in safe and well maintained tyres will help make the journey easier, as you can travel to any number of these destinations as you begin a koala bear hunt.

The Otway Coast

To spot these creatures in their native habitat, head to the Otway Coast. Many big colonies are located here so you are guaranteed to see close sightings of these precious and protected species.

In fact, according to the Otway Coast website, these creatures are so fearless in this location they sometimes cross the road to sit on people's balconies. Keep an eye out for them when you're driving so your car (and car tyres) remain in top condition throughout your journey.

As well as watching on the streets, keep an eye out on the blue gum and manna trees on the road as well as in the Koala cove cafe on Grey River road. Koalas often sit high up in these trees, snuggled against the branches.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of the top places to spot these cuddly creatures. The moist and temperate climate of this state means these animals thrive here and grow bigger in this location.

When you spot these creatures, they may be sleeping. Koalas are only awake for around five hours of every day and spend around three of these eating.

However, when awake they often fall from trees. Make sure you keep your speed down so you don't frighten or injure them. This will also help ensure your car tyres last longer as they won't wear so quickly.

Drive to the Kennett River - a hamlet off Great Ocean Road - and look up into the gum trees to spot these wild animals. Aim to get there in the afternoon when they are more active. You may seem them chowing down on leaves or seeking new food trees for a feast or a spot to relax on.

Cohunu Koala Park

Located only 40 minutes from Perth in Western Australia, this park features 14 acres of natural bushland - perfect for koala spotting!

In fact, you can even hand feed these animals at this park so keep a real eye out when you are strolling down the tracks located here. You may also spot emus, wallabies, deer and kangaroos.