Top tips for nighttime driving

Posted by: Cal on 5/08/2014

Category: General

Driving at night can pose a unique set of problems for motorists and if you are looking to purchase a new set of tyres, you may want to take extra care when the sun goes down so you can keep them - and the rest of your car - in tip top condition.

Here are some tips for road safety to bear in mind when you next drive off into the sunset.

Don't turn off the lights

When you are driving in dusk or around dawn, it pays to keep your headlights switched on. These can not only help you see what is coming up on the road, but will make it easier for other motorists to see you.

So that you don't dazzle them, keep the lights down low when other drivers are around, whether they be in front or behind your car.

Look to the left

When there are other cars with their lights on, you may become dazzled and find it hard to see. To avoid this problem, focus on the left hand side of the road. You should also be driving well to the left to ensure you do not cross paths with other drivers.

If you do find yourself struggling to see, slow down or pull over on the side of the road.

Watch for other road users

Whether it be other cars, animals, cyclists or pedestrians, it is important to be vigilant on the roads at night as well as during the day. 

Often animals can be spotted by the glare of their eyes so make sure you look for those telltale pinpricks of light on the road.

Maintain your car

Keeping your car and car tyres in good condition will mean you can stay safe on the roads. It is important to ensure your tyres have enough tread and do not show signs of wear, which can increase your stopping distances. 

Adequate tyre pressure is essential for driving no matter the time of day as this can ensure your handling is smoother and safer.

When you do tyre maintenance, it is also a good time to ensure the rest of your car is up to scratch.

Make sure your lights all work and that the outside and inside of the light panels are clean and free from dirt and grime that could prevent your lights from shining as bright as possible.

Ensure your windscreen and outside wing mirrors are clean and streak free as marks, dirt and dust can hinder your ability to see clearly.