Tyre tools to keep in the boot

Posted by: Cal on 13/03/2014

Category: General

While car tyres are usually hardy little inventions, occasionally you may find you need to give them a little tender loving care.

To avoid being stuck in a tricky situation, creating your own emergency kit to keep in the boot or glovebox is a great idea should drama ever arise.

Here are some ideas to get your tyre 'first-aid kit' started:


A basic or adjustable wrench is an essential car tyre tool. Without a wrench, you will be unable to remove the wheel from the car in the event of a flat tyre - rendering you helpless until assistance arrives.

Tyre sealant kit

A tyre sealant kit can be a great quick fix to minor tyre issues experienced on the road, such as small punctures. However, remember this is only a temporary solution, and car tyres should be replaced or repaired by a professional as soon as possible after you apply the sealant.

Spare tyre

According to Allianz Australia, a spare tyre is more than just a legal requirement - it could also save you in a tricky situation! Even if you give your car tyres the utmost care, accidents do happen. In the event of a flat tyre or other tyre-related issue, the spare is an absolute necessity. Keep in mind that your tyres should ideally all be of the same brand and type, so consider investing in a set from a quality brand such as Continental tyres.

Jumper leads

Carrying a set of jumper leads in the car can be handy for both you and other vehicles on the road. Running a flat battery is a hassle, but jumper leads can quickly sort out the issue. Get yourself back on the road in a fix by jump-starting your car, or help out other motorists by giving them a jump-start with your leads.


Having all the right gear is of no use if you can't see what you're doing. Keeping a torch handy is a smart choice, as you cannot count on an emergency happening during daylight hours!

Rags and gloves

Car emergencies can quickly become dirty work. To avoid getting oil, grease and dirt all over your upholstery, keep an old rag in the boot to wipe stains off your skin and wear gloves to reduce direct skin contact.


A funnel is the perfect tool to use when adding or changing important fluids, such as engine oil. Avoid mess and get the job done efficiently with a funnel, or risk wasting precious materials and getting more on the floor than in your car.