What is Goodyear using in its tyres?

Posted by: Cal on 24/09/2014

Category: General

Many car tyre manufacturers are considering changes so they are more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. Goodyear tyres are no exception.

The car tyre maker recently announced it will be using rice husk waste to make new tyres, preventing this material from going to landfill. 

In fact, the company is looking to use the ash left over when the husks are burnt. This process has been tested at the Innovation Centre in Akron, Ohio and researchers found the silica produced is of the same quality and can provide the same level of tyre performance to traditional sources.

Currently, Goodyear is in negotiations to find other suppliers to ensure a steady stream of rice husk ash silica to make more tyres.

However, with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation stating that over 700 million tonnes of rice is harvested worldwide every year, this may not be too hard. More often than not, the husks go into landfill or are burnt to generate electricity and lower the impact on landfills worldwide. 

What is silica used for in tyre manufacturing?

Silica is often mixed with rubber in tyre treads. This bond can strengthen the rubber and help to reduce rolling resistance. In turn, this can improve fuel economy. This is another great environmental impact gained from the choice to use silica produced from rice husks to make car tyres