What not to do on a road trip: As told by your favourite horror movies

Posted by: Cal on 12/05/2014

Category: General

Have you ever watched a film that involves the protagonists ending up in a remote area, lost and ill-equipped with no hope of rescue - with horrifying consequences?

Plenty of horror and thriller films start with a group of people heading out on a car trip that goes wrong, getting stranded and then terrorised by all sorts of villains.

In many cases these characters could have avoided their hair-raising fates - just by taking a few precautions such as a spare tyre or mobile phone!

Here are some classic horror films that show you just what not to do when you head out in your car.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is a terrifying, Australian-made horror that shows us just why we need to be prepared when we head out into the Outback. Three young friends venture to a remote part of the region for a hike, and when they return to their vehicle, it won't start and they are stuck in the Outback when a frightening killer turns up. 

What could have saved these three youths? It might have made a difference if their car had a thorough service before they left to make sure their battery and engine were still strong. 

Anybody heading into the Outback needs to be prepared, with well-maintained tyres and at least two spares, along with all the right changing tools. 

In addition to this, extra water, food, fuel, a GPS system and a radio, or other way of getting in touch with the outside world, are all necessary. You should also always inform somebody reliable of your destination and scheduled arrival and departure times before you leave! 

House of Wax

Even Paris Hilton herself can't escape the consequences of a broken down car. In this film, which features the starlet, a group of youngsters are on a road trip to reach a football match when they stop for a camping adventure along the way. 

When they try to leave the camping site, they discover their car's fan belt has broken, so they make their way to the closest town to find a new one. The town, however, is home to two psychopathic brothers and all does not end well. 

Had this film's characters taken their vehicle for a quality check-up and service, their fan belt wouldn't have broken down and all this tragedy could have been avoided!

The Hitcher

Originally released in 1986 and rebooted in 2006 starring Sean Bean and Sophia Bush, the Hitcher delves into the perils of picking up strangers on the road.

While this film is less about good car maintenance and more about common sense and street smarts, it still teaches us a few good road-worthy lessons.

For one, never pick up a stranger in a trenchcoat hitchhiking late at night in the rain, even if he looks like - or is - Sean Bean. Second of all, always carry a mobile phone with you and, when in doubt, call the police. Thirdly, according to this film, it is quite possible for a single car driven by a bad guy to outrun a fleet of helicopters. Who knew? 

Wrong Turn

A lot of strife could have been avoided for this film's characters had they invested in a good GPS system. In Wrong Turn, a bunch of people are stranded in a remote part of USA's West Virginia after getting lost. They are then found by the wrong sort of people.

What could have helped them other than a map? Spare tyres, extra car tools and a mobile phone, not to mention a first aid kit and extra supplies. 

Don't make the mistakes these film characters did - you know better than that! Always leave for a road trip well prepared with a safe and roadworthy car, having informed somebody of your plans.