Why are new tyres the best option for your car?

Posted by: Cal on 20/03/2014

Category: General

When it comes to tyres, what's most important is that you have a quality set on your car that's over the legal minimum of tread depth, and that you keep them well maintained.

However, when it comes time to change your car tyres, you may have to ask yourself whether you'd like to invest in a brand new set or second hand tyres. 

Here at Tyreright, we recommend always investing in a set of brand new tyres. Here are some reasons why:

It's safer

The number one concern for tyre performance is that they keep you safe. When you invest in a new pair of quality tyres such as Bridgestone tyres, you know you're getting a well made product that's designed with safety at the forefront. Plus, an entire new set means you'll know that you're all ready to go in terms of tread depth, tyre rotation and tyre balance - which you may not be if you buy a used product.

New tyres come with a full 8mm of tread depth, and a much higher chance of keeping you safe.

Peace of mind

Though some second hand tyres may come with claims that they have only been used a few times or still have plenty of life in them, there's no guarantee your vendor is telling the truth. If you want to avoid worrying over the fact that your 'near new' tyres have actually been thrashed at high speeds for a couple of years, buying new is the way to go.

There's no way of telling whether the tyres you're interested in have been through horrors such as being driven while under inflated - so steer clear!

Save money in the long run

Used tyres are often cheaper than brand new tyres, which may seem appealing when your wallet's looking a little tight. However, buying used tyres could actually end up costing you more in the end.

According to non profit United Kingdom tyre awareness company Tyresafe, the cost per millimetre of usable tyre can actually be considerably higher for worn vehicles. Because worn tyres have less tread depth, you'll get far fewer kilometres out of them, which could mean you spend more. In fact, according to this infographic, the average cost per mm of usable tyre is £6.33 ($11.50 AU) for worn tyres, and £5.32 ($9.67 AU) for new tyres.

Not to mention, you'll need to replace your tyres far more often if you're starting out with wheels that have already been worn down!