Your guide to off-road essentials

Posted by: Cal on 3/04/2014

Category: General

Aussie drivers up for a challenge are treated with the number of quality off-road trails dotted around the country. Whether it's mud, rivers, steep inclines or gorgeous views you're after when you venture into the hinterland on an off-roading adventure, you're sure to find a track that suits you.

However, before you rush out to the nearest track to negotiate some challenging terrain and experience a few thrills, you'll need to pack a few essentials in your off-road vehicle to ensure your journey isn't hair-raising for all the wrong reasons. 

Here is a list of the off-roading essentials to invest in before you hit the trail:

Quality 4x4 tyres

You simply can't make the most of off-roading without a quality set of car tyres, so ensure you find a set that's right for your vehicle before setting out. There are a number of tyre types that could suit your vehicle depending on what sort of driving you're looking to do - as an example, Outback Crossing recommends Mud Terrain 4x4 tyres for those driving 85 per cent off road and 15 per cent road, and All Terrain for 60 per cent road and 40 per cent off-road.

It's a great idea to talk to the professionals at your local Tyreright store if you're not sure what tyres are right for your vehicle or the type of driving you want to do.

Other essentials

Once you're sorted with a set of great 4x4 tyres, there are a few other items you'll need to keep in your vehicle. Firstly, remember your general driving essentials, including a spare tyre, jack, tools, torch, water, gas bottle, coolant, a first aid kit and a map of your area.

You probably won't need to be told, but a mobile phone is an essential item to keep in the glovebox. Unless you run out of coverage, it will definitely come in handy should you get caught in a sticky situation.

Then there's essentials specifically for off-roading. A shovel is a great first start, and will come in handy for digging you out of deep mud should you become stuck. A tarpaulin is another great essential, and could come in handy as a makeshift shelter.

A snatch strap is the perfect off road item, and it will prove essential should you need to recover your vehicle. Also consider a fire extinguisher, a tyre pressure gauge, air pump, and a friend to help you out!

If you're prepared, you'll have nothing to worry about when it comes to heading off-road - so expect a trip filled with adventure!