6 Reasons Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car is a Good Idea

Posted by: Dan on 6/04/2017

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Getting a Certified Pre-Owned Car can be a wise choice

Buying a car is always a bit nerve-racking. You are excited for the chance to get a cool new ride, but you also know there’s a lot to the process of searching and buying. It’s made even harder by the knowledge that some cars for sale may seem fine, but will develop problems after purchase. This can be especially true with pre-owned cars.


You can absolutely buy a used car that will serve you well for the next 5 years, 10 years, and even beyond. With over 18.4 million vehicles on our roads, it’s always a buyer’s market in the used car world. The trick is finding a good pre-owned vehicle among the bunch. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is an ideal way to do just that.


Here are 6 reasons that buying certified pre-owned is a good idea.


1. It helps you avoid buying a lemon


Buying a pre-certified vehicle ensures that the car has gone through a rigorous inspection process. This has occurred between the time it was first traded in or sold to the dealership, and then offered for sale to you.


If you’re one of those buyers who would consider purchasing a vehicle without having it inspected first, you could easily wind up with a lemon. Buying a certified vehicle can save you from this nightmare scenario.


On the other hand, most buyers will inspect a car they are thinking about purchasing – either on their own, if they are car-savvy, or by bringing their local mechanic to the car yard to test drive a vehicle they like. But that takes extra time and money, and it can also can get really expensive if you’re considering multiple vehicles. That’s why seeking out a certified vehicle right from the start is a smart move. It gives you a solid starting point, and saves you from needing to bring in extra people to assess the quality of a car you have your eye on.


2. It offers some recourse for repairs


Buying a pre-certified car from a dealership gives you the ability to return to the dealership and discuss any issues you’re having with the car with someone face-to-face. If you buy from a private seller, this option is not always possible, as people change addresses and phone numbers all the time. Some sellers might also be reluctant to speak with you about the car after the sale transaction is completed.


Buying pre-certified from a dealership means any issue you encounter will only require a call to the dealership, and a notification that they need to send a tow truck to come get your car and fix it. Sure, having something go wrong is not ideal, but having something go wrong and no help on offer to fix it is worse. That’s the advantage of having a certified pre-owned car.


3. It gives you a warranty


While it can vary slightly from dealership to dealership, a pre-certified car usually comes with some form of warranty. When compared to buying from a private seller, this can be a huge benefit. Once again, it also gives you a strong position from which to negotiate not just price, but an extra warranty as well.


So, if you like the car and feel comfortable with its pre-certification, but would still like some extra peace of mind, ask the dealership to extend the warranty a little longer. Even if you ultimately have to pay a little more, it’s usually a worthwhile extra for the peace of mind you get.


4. It makes it easier to find a good car

Rarely will you find one pre-certified car sitting alone in the yard. Usually there are many models on offer. For Australians with busy lives, searching for a new car is often done after work during the week, or on weekends.


The time saved by being able to look at a number of used cars in one place is invaluable. Rather than driving from private listing to private listing, buying from a dealership with pre-certified cars guarantees you have a wide variety of cars to consider each time you browse.


5. It offers you a way to bargain


When cars are pre-certified, there is the clear understanding that they are in good working order. This means they retain a higher value, and gives you a little room to try to negotiate the price. While a car that is used but not pre-certified may be fixed to a certain price due to a number of factors, a pre-certified used car can be compared instantly to similar models online (and in the yard).


So, if you come across a vehicle you love but still find the price too high? Be ready to look online and alert the dealer to a lower price offered elsewhere. Then you can start bargaining.


6. It makes it easier to sell the car down the road


Good cars build up a good history over their lifespan. A car that always has problems and is always presenting issues to its owner will likely find its way to the junkyard sooner rather than later. A good car, though, should make the transition from one owner to another with little drama.


This is why buying a pre-certified vehicle is wise not just for your purchase today, but for any potential sale down the line, whether a year from now or a decade from now. Selling your vehicle to the next buyer with the knowledge that you purchased it pre-certified will ensure you can sell with confidence (so long as you’ve kept up on maintenance) thanks to the the car’s good history.


Whatever you buy, know your rights under the law


Whenever you buy something in Australia it is sold with the expectation it is ‘as advertised.’
This means it is in good working order unless clearly indicated otherwise, like a car with a sign that says ‘sold for parts only.’


This means any car you buy should come with some measure of protection for you. For real peace of mind though, going beyond this is often necessary. This is where a certified pre-owned car can be an attractive option.


What other reasons make you want to buy a certified used car? Let us know in the comments below:


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