The 8 Best Auto Blogs to Add to Your List

Posted by: Lydia on 27/09/2017

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Some motoring enthusiasts still find themselves reading a car magazine now and then. For many years, a car magazine in your boot was just as popular as a Melways under your front seat. But these days, most of us find our car content online -  and it’s better than ever with all the possibilities of the online world.

With an estimated 3.8 billion people around the world now having internet access, the years ahead will see car content grow even more popular, as more and more auto enthusiasts come online.

In the meantime, though, there is already a ton of great content and plenty of fantastic car blogs online. Whether you’re a daily reader or occasional browser of car sites, check out 8 of our favourites.

1. Autoblog

Autoblog is quite simply, well, a blog about autos. By many measures the most popular car blog in the world, beneath its straightforward name is a site rich with a variety of content. From Formula One news, to car reviews and quirky and funny articles, this is a great blog to visit when you’re looking for the latest global news in autos.

2. Car Advice

Originally started in 2006 by 21-year-old Alborz Fallah in Brisbane, Car Advice is a great site with a great Australian story. As its name suggests, Car Advice is a good starting point for those looking for practical insight into cars. While it has since expanded beyond its initial core content - and is today owned by the Nine Network Australia - the site still retains a focus on practical news, tips and tricks. It’s a great site for anyone looking for useful car info online.

3. Motoring Weekly

Motoring Weekly is a straightforward site with a simple but sleek design that focuses on the in-depth ins and outs of motoring. Other blogs on this list may be ones you turn to first for the latest car news, but Motoring Weekly prides itself on niche topics like algae fuel, auto expansion into India and China, and other must-read pieces.

4. The Motor Report

If you’re seeking out clear-cut information on a new car, it's hard to pass up this site.
With a heavy emphasis on car reviews and manufacturing, The Motor Report is a great resource for potential buyers looking to find easily-digestible content. It’s also a really good pick for anyone struggling to choose between two cars, with comparable reviews making the process easier.

5. Grip Shift Slide

Any fan of manual transmissions will immediately recognise this cool website name. is beautifully presented in a visual-centric format, with dark hues and sleek lines. A website that spans technical articles, the latest car news, and coverage of motorsports in Australia and around the world, it is the homepage of choice for many Aussie car fans.

6. VroomGirls

It’s no secret that the car world was pretty bloke-focused once upon a time. But the online era has highlighted just how many women are car junkies and contribute to building the car community.
Headed by veteran journalist Tara Weingarten - also a graduate of a ton of stunt driving courses - this site is a fun place to visit for some great content across the board.

7. Women-Drivers

Like VroomGirls, this site offers a different perspective on car buying. Car fans come from all walks of life, and this can factor into different needs and wants when buying a new car. is the leading car dealer rating and review service exclusively for women. Its blog offers interesting content, such as his/her reviews of various cars. If you’re finding it hard to agree on a new car with your partner, this site can be a great start to picking one you both like.

8. Petrolicious

Petrolicious is a fantastic site that celebrates the culture surrounding cars. Oh sure, it gets into the nitty gritty of engines and drivetrains when it needs to, but all in all it celebrates cars as a whole. From iconic races to classic car shows and stories about famous car collections and owners, this is the site you’ll visit when a vintage car project is going slow. You’ll find all the inspiration you need to start again and work towards getting that old classic back on the road.

While we’re at it (and while you’re here)

Who doesn't love a bit of cheeky self promotion now and then? We’re big fans of the other blogs on this list, but we’re also pretty keen on our own blog here at Tyreright. We pride ourselves on delivering regular blog content that covers the world of cars (and tyres). We focus on Australian content, but keep our eye on what’s happening with cars all across the globe.

If you’re visiting here for the first time, be sure to have a look around. From our articles on protecting your wheels and tyres, to affordable used cars with great fuel economy, to the 9 best car museums in the world, there are plenty of reads we know you’ll love.

Read, learn, and have fun

Being a car enthusiast is often about getting past the first major steps. You get your license, you get your first car - and then the real learning begins. There’s so much to know about automobiles, so reading often and broadly is a fantastic way to grow your car knowledge.

Not only does making a habit of reading car blogs expand your understanding, it also offers you a chance to engage with other car fans. Knowing and connecting with others who share your passion is not only rewarding, it can be really handy when you’re seeking out an answer to a tricky problem, or searching for a hard-to-find part for your car. Read, learn, and have fun.

What other car blogs do you read regularly? Let us know in the comments below:

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