The 5 Best Places/ Websites to Sell Your Car

Posted by: Lydia on 17/12/2019

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The amount of places you can sell your car today seems endless. While this is great overall, it has created new complications for buyer and seller alike. With all the options out there, determining the best place to start can be hard—especially because not all places will offer the same advantages when it comes to targeting your ideal buyer.

So from traditional outlets to cutting-edge online options, what unique advantages does each avenue for car sales offer? And which ones really depend on the type of car you have and the price you’re willing to accept? Let’s go through the answers to these questions by looking at 5 of the best places to sell your car.

Your car manufacturer’s dealership

If you have a late model car you bought from a local dealership, the same dealership is often the best place to sell it. They know the car, they know your background as a former buyer, and if you’re looking to use the sale of this car to finance a more recent one, doing so via a trade-in at the dealership can make the process seamless.

A specialist dealership

If you have a unique or special car, it’s usually best to seek out a specialist dealership to make the sale, though a traditional dealership sale is possible as well. This is because a specialist dealership will usually have solid prior experience with selling similar cars and be able to cut to the chase when it comes to putting an offer on your vehicle. Like with a regular dealership, if you’re looking to purchase another rare car, then often selling one at the same time can help you haggle down the price of your next purchase on a car in their garage.

Online classifieds

For many Aussies in 2019, online classifieds will be the first place they think of to sell their car. The advantage of going this route is the audience size, especially among the more well-known sites that can get thousands of visitors daily. The downside is that with over 19 million vehicles registered in Australia, it’s certain there will be tons of other sellers selling at the same time, which can make it very hard for your listing to stand out. 

Your post may also end up sitting there for a long period of time as you wait for a prospective buyer to discover it. If you’re intent on going down this path, be sure to maximise the attractiveness of your listing by including quality photos and a comprehensive description of your vehicle. Aim to be quick and detailed in replying to any inquiries to help keep the attention of interested parties.

Car shows

If your car is particularly special or rare, you can look to use a car show to advertise its sale. It’s important to remember that comparatively few Aussies will be heading off to a car show one morning ready to buy a vehicle at first sight, so think carefully about whether the car show you've in mind is likely to deliver a strong audience of prospective buyers.

Nonetheless, this can be a great option if the circumstances align. For example, a really rare car like a Holden Torana SS A9X GMP&A at a car show that is celebrating the history of Holden in Australia would be a great fit. Such an event is guaranteed to see some mega-fans make an appearance, and some might be ready to buy your vehicle to acquire their own slice of history. 

Just keep in mind that not all car shows permit vehicle sales, so be sure to double-check the rules before attempting this. It’s also a good idea to have all documentation on-hand regarding the car’s registration and road-worthiness, and be ready to let a potential buyer do a test drive with you to help seal the deal on the day. 

An online forum

Sometimes there are cars that occupy a very unique niche, and it can be difficult to find a good resale value in the market. They’re clearly worth more than a daily driver, but not quite (yet) regarded as a classic that can command a top price. If you own a vehicle like this, seeking out an online car forum to find fellow enthusiasts can deliver you many prospective buyers who ‘get’ why you’re charging the price you are for the vehicle, and are willing to pay it. This can be a terrific way to sell your car, and it also means a prospective buyer will be one who shares your passion for the vehicle and will take care good of it once you’ve sold it. 

Nonetheless, it’s also important to remember that there could be some big logistical challenges regarding the location of the buyer. This can usually be overcome—and often a buyer really keen on a car will be happy to come visit you and either drive or ship the car home—but in some cases, it can be an additional obstacle when selling your car online. 

Keep in mind

Each option here could involve a number of different processes depending on your prospective buyer’s desires and on the rules surrounding second-hand car sales within your state or territory. Ultimately, Aussies across the nation sell used cars every day, so this process isn’t one that’s too complex or painstaking. But if it’s your first time selling a car, it’s always smart to do some research regarding the local laws and processes for vehicle sales. 

Because the car you’re selling will be used, there can be a greater risk of an issue arising once the buyer has it when compared to a brand new car. By doing your homework, you should obtain a good understanding of all you need to do before sealing a deal with a buyer, and you’ll be able to hand over the keys with peace of mind once when you say goodbye to the car. 

What other places/websites do you feel are terrific to sell your car? Let us know in the comments below. 

Image: Pixabay