8 Accessories for Great Bush Adventures

Posted by: Lydia on 14/12/2020

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4WD towing a camper trailer in the Australian outback 

Heading out into the bush is a great Aussie pastime that can always offer a ton of fun. And while a trip can be fine with the bare essentials, it can be made great with the right accessories. 

Accessories can enhance the fun of your trip, the versatility of your vehicle, and your safety. Although bringing along some extra goodies on a bush trip would once have meant wrestling with bulky and heavy gear, today there are lots of bush goods out there that are easy to use and carry, meaning that you can travel in style without feeling weighed down by an array of cumbersome gear. 

So let’s look at 8 of the best accessories you can make use of to have a great Aussie bush adventure:

1. Roof Racks

When you’re going on a great bush adventure, you’ll need to bring some extra gear. It can get cramped fast in the vehicle if you’ve already filled up the boot but are in need of some extra room for the luggage. This is where roof racks can be a fantastic addition. 

Sure, many Aussies may have memories of some old huge metal roof racks that were a bit of an eyesore, but today there are a ton of them available that are sleek but versatile. They won’t detract from your vehicle’s style, but will help you lug all the gear you need to get from place to place.

2. A Towbar Attachment 

If you’re going to be bringing a bunch of gear that won’t fit your vehicle easily, a towbar attachment can be a great accessory. For many vehicles, they can be fitted quickly and affordably, and they can make a massive difference to the quality of your trip. 

It’s important to be mindful of your vehicle’s towing capacity — a little inner-city commuter car won’t be lugging a huge luxury trailer across the Pilbara desert — but provided that your auto’s towing capacity matches what you wish to tow, this is an excellent accessory to add to any adventure.

3. Satellite Phone

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll encounter an emergency on your trip, but it's always a good idea to have a plan in place, as well as some accessories that can provide assistance if needed. It’s here that a satellite phone can be handy, especially if you’re planning an adventure in very remote locations where obtaining a strong and consistent phone signal would be problematic.

4. Portable Shower

An Aussie bush adventure can be amazing, but can also leave you feeling icky at the end of the day. An outdoor shower can therefore be a great way to call it a day if you’re camping under the stars. 

Today’s modern portable showers are also pretty easy to make use of. You can fill up the water in advance, arrive at your location, set up the portable shower and a privacy screen around you, and then enjoy winding down under the running water.

5. Multi-USB Hub + Power Cord

Bush trips today are very different from those in years prior. Although many Aussies will start a bush adventure relishing the idea of getting away from technology for a while, the reality is that some emails or SMSes may still need to be taken care of at day's end. 

If you’ve got a lot of gadgets travelling with you, charging them can be a real pain. Although USB charging — like the port perhaps found in your car’s dashboard — is an option, charging via an outlet can provide a device’s battery a much faster return to 100%, and utilising a multi-USB hub and a standalone power cord is ideal to charge multiple devices at once.

6. Camping Light and Stand

Bringing a camping light can vastly improve your comfort level at day’s end when making a camp after dark. Sure, your high beams will work in a pinch, but a separate light will be easier to move and won't place an extra burden on your vehicle’s battery while in use. 

As well as the camping light itself, it’s always good to bring along a stand too. That way you can perch the light exactly as you desire, and even use it to shine a light on your vehicle from above in the event there’s any checks or maintenance that needs to go on underneath the hood.

7. A Standalone Camera

Smartphone technology has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years. The convenience and quality of a smartphone camera is part of the reason why it's predicted that over 1.37 billion smartphones will be sold in 2020. 

It’s also true that the gap between smartphone snaps and professional cameras is narrowing. But if you’re looking to capture really showstopping pics on your trip, buying a dedicated camera can still deliver even better shots than a smartphone. So for the most outstanding snaps of a sunrise in the Outback, consider bringing a standalone camera along.

8. Two Spare Tyres

The odds of getting two flat tyres at once is small, but the odds can increase on bush trips.
If you sustain a double blowout and you’ve brought two tyres along, you can immediately start the task of getting back on the road instead of waiting (potentially hours) for roadside assistance to visit. If you feel carrying a second tyre could be a challenge, keep in mind that if you’re using roof racks or a trailer, you should have some extra space handy to store another.

Hitting the Road

A great bush adventure is a time-honoured Aussie tradition, and after a very eventful and turbulent 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic, by many measures there’s never been a better time to hit the road and enjoy some open air. 

Taking the time to gather the right accessories for a great bush adventure is always worthwhile. By bringing the right accessories, you can maximise the enjoyment of your trip, while also keeping yourself safe and prepared to deal with any issues with your vehicle that may arise. Australia is an outstanding place to have an adventurous holiday, and doing it on 4 wheels always promises to create many unforgettable memories. 

What other accessories would you bring for a great Aussie bush adventure? Let us know in the comments below. 

Image: Pixabay