Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Cybertruck

Posted by: Lydia on 12/03/2021

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Tesla Cybertruck at the unveiling

Tesla has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues in recent years. The electric car company has gone from quirky outsider to major player in the global auto industry. For years, the notion that an electric vehicle (EV) could really become mainstream was thought of as an unlikely dream — or at least one that was many years away. Today, that’s no longer the case, and Tesla deserves a ton of credit for making it possible.

But Tesla hasn't stopped with just a basic electric car — it will soon release its Cybertruck, an all-electric utility truck that seeks to compete with the current crop of utes and similar vehicles in use today. Here's all you need to know about the Tesla Cybertruck.

A Break from the Norm

This vehicle represents a clear divergence from the usual Tesla form. Whether it’s a Model 3, a Model S, or any other vehicle in the range, the common design of a Tesla vehicle is rounded, elegant, and understated lines. The Cybertruck’s design throws that aside, and in its place offers sharp angles and an audacious design that projects raw strength and staying power. 

Even though there was a rather high-profile setback with the now-infamous window test on the vehicle’s debut, with the Cybertruck body wrapped in “Ultra-Hard 30x Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel”, we can certainly expect a truck able to tough it out in truly testing conditions.

Looking Under the Hood

Based on current U.S. market specs — which could be subject to change — it’s clear the Cybertruck’s rugged exterior will be accompanied by significant power beneath the hood. For a single motor RWD, Tesla says the Cybertruck has a range up to around 400 kilometers on a single charge, and has a towing capacity of approximately 3400 kilograms. It also contends that the Cybertruck can go 0-60mp/h (96.5km/h) in less than 6.5 seconds. 

For anyone who scales up to the Tri Motor AWD, going 0-60mp/h is possible in less than 2.9 seconds. In addition, the vehicle will get around 800 kilometers from a single charge, and its towing capacity will be approximately 6350 kgs. 

In the rear is 100 cubic feet of storage that is lockable, and sits on adaptive air suspension with self-leveling capabilities, helping to make loading and unloading of heavy items a breeze. Inside the vehicle is a 5-seater, and a 17-inch touchscreen that will hold an all-new custom interface.

Clearing the Traffic

Although other Tesla vehicles are great examples of auto achievement, by many measures they also had the advantage of capturing public imagination in a way that no other EVs had. By no means does the Cybertruck lack promise, but it’s set to debut in a much more contested marketplace. Put simply, other manufacturers have had time to recognise Tesla’s achievements, and look to formulate a response to its success with exciting vehicles of their own. 

It’s known that Ford is working on an all-electric F-150 ute. General Motors also has one of its own in the works. As well as the longstanding and established manufacturers seeking to compete with Tesla in this space, the Michigian-based startup manufacturer Rivian is looking to replicate Tesla’s success by putting out an EV. Tesla will undoubtedly face stiffer competition this time around.

Driving in a Straight Line

While Tesla has been the darling of the auto industry in recent times, it’s not been without controversy. Beyond some public incidents that have called into question the leadership style of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in early February, the company made waves in the markets with the news that it had taken a US $1.5 billion stake in Bitcoin and had plans to soon accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment. 

To advocates of the cryptocurrency, this was an example of a forward-thinking move by a cutting-edge company. To critics, it was another example of a high-risk move by the company that could one day backfire. The fact that Musk briefly became the richest man in the world in January, then saw his personal stock alone drop AU$35 billion during one week in March, is an illustration of the high and lows that this company and its CEO have had.

There’s little doubt at present that the near future looks very bright for Tesla, coming off a year where — pandemic notwithstanding — it sold 500,000 cars globally. But ultimately, Tesla will need to complete the transition to becoming a major manufacturer of EVs in order to sustain its success when releasing vehicles like the Cybertruck globally. 

Selling 500,000 cars is certainly an achievement, but by comparison, Toyota topped global sales in 2020 by selling 9.53 million. There’s a big mountain to climb before Tesla can rival such sales, especially as other manufacturers are now actively chasing Tesla’s trail and seeking to release game-changing vehicles of their own. The Cybertruck is set to turn heads on its release, but many auto enthusiasts will surely have some anxiety about the potential for disruption to its global rollout given the delays Tesla has encountered elsewhere

The Route Ahead for Tesla’s Cybertruck

At present, it's expected that the Cybertruck will be available to buy by 2022. If the stars align, sales could even begin before the end of this year. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it's understood the Cybertruck will not be officially making its way to Australia. Instead, an alternative version is likely to be dispatched in its place at a later date.

Nonetheless, even though this news may not delight Aussie fans, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that no automaker has a better record than Tesla in delivering surprises over the past decade. In the meantime, the Cybertruck will certainly be a terrific installment to the long line of American vehicles that became instant icons on their release. It’ll also serve as inspiration to other manufacturers and nations pondering how they could contribute vehicles of their own to this exciting new era. 

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