It's not all about Tesla, the EV boom is upon us with these exciting new vehicles

Posted by: Lydia on 22/01/2021

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Tesla charging station

In less than a decade, the electric vehicle (EV) has delivered a colossal shift to the Australian auto industry. For many years, the idea of an electric car enjoying popular uptake was just that — an idea. Recent years saw early pioneers like Nissan prove the EV concept was indeed possible. Today, Nissan is now joined by the likes of Tesla, the EV behemoth that has spearheaded a new era of excitement surrounding this class of car. 

There’s no doubt these formative years have been fantastic. They’re the cornerstone upon which future growth of the EV industry will be built. But just as the cars we’ve seen so far are rightfully called futuristic, the best is definitely yet to come! Here are 5 exciting EVs to look out for in future.

1. Tesla’s Cybertruck

Of all the hotly-anticipated EVs, the Cybertruck is probably at the top of the list. Tesla has found great success with the release of previous vehicles like the Model S and Model X, and intends to drive into a new area of the market with this truck. Despite the rugged looks of the ride that’ll be made in part from stainless steel and armor glass, Tesla promises the Cybertruck will provide performance akin to a sports car. Whether or not the Cybertruck really lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but given Tesla’s record, there’s every reason to be optimistic it will. 

2. Ford Mustang Mach E

Given Ford is by many measures the original pioneer of the petrol-powered auto industry, the shift into a new era by this manufacturer is one many gearheads have been keely awaiting. This will be the first electric vehicle that the iconic Detroit motor company has released, and by releasing this SUV under the world-famous Mustang badge, it’s sure to turn heads wherever it's driven. With an ability to get up to 100km/h in under four seconds, this is a stylish vehicle that’ll also handle the highways and open roads very well. 

3. Lexus UX300e

Due for arrival Down Under in the second half of 2021, this Lexus will be the first EV available from the Japanese automaker. For die-hard fans of this brand, that’s surely welcome news, and there’s every reason to be excited given this car’s abilities. Its 54.3kWh lithium-ion battery is set to provide up to 400kms per charge — and the battery can go from empty to full in just 50 minutes when using 50kW DC fast charging. All of that will be provided in a package oozing Lexus’ signature luxury and elegance. 

4. Nissan Leaf e+

Nissan was an earlier pioneer of the EV in many markets around the world. Although the years since have arguably seen competitors win the lion’s share of attention away from this Japanese automaker, the original Leaf still retains a fanbase — and the Leaf e+ will intrigue new and existing fans alike. With a 62kWh battery and driving range of 385km, this vehicle will be a very solid car, and will secure a special spot in the 2020s line of EVs just as the Leaf did in the 2010s.

5. Audi RS e-Tron GT

Audi has an outstanding history in racing, and this GT will provide a ride with a racer’s soul to Aussie roads. This will be the first all-electric Audi available in Australia, and set to whet the appetites of those in the market for a sports car that have not yet been won over by the likes of Porsche or BMW’s offerings. With a 83.7kWh (93kWh gross) battery powering a 175kW motor up front and a 335kW motor at the rear, this EV is sure to entice and delight anyone so fortunate to get behind the wheel. 

Bonus: Apple’s EV

For many years, the news Apple was working on a vehicle was Silicon Valley’s worst kept secret. Then — and in rather typical Apple form given the California company’s ability to create multiple layers of mystery surrounding their products — it became uncertain whether the project had stalled, ended, or remained alive and well. More recent updates in December 2020 suggest Apple does indeed have a car in development, with the window for release in the next three to six years. Given this timetable and Apple’s famous secrecy around its products' pre-release, it’s little surprise there’s not much info out there surrounding the vehicle.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t diminish hype for it. After all, this is the company that made the iPhone and iPad household names. And as of mid-2020, the tech company became the most valuable by market capitalisation in the world, worth a colossal US $1.84 trillion (approx. AUD $2.39 trillion). Just as many would cite the leading tech expertise of Elon Musk as a key element of Tesla’s success, there can be no doubt given Apple’s history that any EV it releases in future is sure to make a splash upon entry in the market. 

The Influence of EVs on Road and Off

The ongoing growth of the EV industry is terrific for many reasons. The EV is on the cutting edge of auto innovation, and gearheads are getting to see day by day this quiet revolution play out before our eyes. That we get to do it with unprecedented access via the online world and social media that previous generations of car fans didn’t have makes this era even more special.

But as well as the positive progress EV innovation offers the car industry, it also serves as a source of inspiration for the wider community as well. The fantastic feature of these EVs is they are making day to day driving cleaner and greener, and the technology within them will come to serve as key components of other auto innovations like the production of the self-driving car. We should indeed keep an eye on the EV industry going forward. After all, it’s the epicentre of many of the most exciting tech innovations we’re seeing across the board today.

What other exciting EVs are you looking forward to seeing Down Under? Let us know the comments below. 

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