How a wheel alignment could save you money

Posted by: Cal on 22/02/2013

Category: Maintenance

Did you know that you may be paying more than is necessary to operate your vehicle?

And, what's more, that there is a very simple way to remedy this situation and to save money in the long run? Well, there is!

That's because if your wheels are even slightly misaligned, they can have a significant influence on your car and tyre performance.

There are two ways in which this happens. When wheels are not aligned correctly, they do not work together to move your car forward.

Instead, what you get is wheels essentially battling each other or forcing you to fight them at the steering wheel to keep the car straight.

This increases resistance to forward motion, which means your engine has to work harder - and use more fuel - to keep your car going where you want it to go.

Misaligned wheels also reduce the life of your tyres by causing their tread to wear unevenly or prematurely. This happens as a result of the tyres not rolling at a perpendicular angle to the road.

So if you notice uneven tread wear or your vehicle pulling to one side while in motion, drop in at your local Tyreright tyre services centre and we'll see if a comprehensive wheel alignment could benefit you.