How often should you check your tyre pressures

Posted by: Cal on 5/03/2013

Category: Maintenance

Did you know that tyre safety needs to be a top priority whenever you venture out onto the road in your vehicle?

It's true - your tyres connect you to the road surface, so no matter how amazing the condition of the rest of your vehicle, if your tyres aren't in good shape then you could be in trouble.

One of the best ways to ensure that your tyre performance keeps you in control of your car is by making sure that your tyres have the correct air pressure. When tyres are correctly inflated, they grip the road better and give you more control of your car in a wider variety of road conditions.

They also increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle - deflated or partially-inflated tyres provide more running resistance to your forward movement.

That's fine, you say, but how often do I need to be checking my tyre pressure is correct? Ideally, you should test the air pressure in your tyres once a week - the pressure can be affected by a number of factors, including air temperature.

The short time it takes you to check your pressure each week will be repaid in excellent performing tyres and the peace of mind to know that you are safer on the roads.