Things you need in your car emergency kit

Posted by: Cal on 23/02/2013

Category: Maintenance

No matter where you drive your car, it is important that you are prepared for whatever could happen out on the road.

Here are some key items to include in your car's emergency kit.


A simple torch will be your best friend if you find yourself pulled over on the side of the road after dark and trying to figure out what is wrong under the car bonnet!

Jumper cables

These handy fellas can help you get your car started again if the battery runs out of charge. There are many ways this can happen - not just by leaving the headlights on - so it's a great idea to keep jumper leads in your car.

Jack and tyre iron

If these didn't come with your vehicle, make sure you grab some quick!

Your car tyres need to be in top condition or you risk losing control of your vehicle, so you need to be able to swap out a flat tyre with a spare one as soon as you notice the tell-tale bump or hear the pop.

Fire extinguisher

This is another excellent addition to your emergency kit if it doesn't already come as standard.

Small fires can quickly engulf your vehicle, so an extinguisher can be critical in saving your car from fire damage.