The Tyreright ATSC network

Posted by: Dan on 23/08/2012

Category: News and Events

What’s an ATSC?

ATSC stands for Affilliated Tyreright Service Centre. Since we launched the Tyreright business and website, we’ve been thrilled by the response from customers all over the country who are finding new confidence in researching and buying the right tyres for their needs online.

One of the most common questions we hear is “When will there be a Tyreright in _____________”?

Well the answer is that we hope there’ll be a Tyreright close to you soon! In the spirit of our love of independence, we have in the meantime partnered with some of Australia’s leading independent tyre dealers to make sure your tyres are fitted safely, professionally and with the same great level of service you would expect at a Tyreright store.

This is why we’ve added the ATSC locations to our listings. These are fully independent tyre dealers who have partnered with Tyreright to help service our customers in parts of the country where we don’t have a Tyreright store nearby.

For you, our valued customer, nothing changes. You still research and buy your tyres online. You then lookup the nearest Tyreright or ATSC to you and you book in the date and time to have your tyres fitted. It’s the same simple process.