Volvo V40 gets a pedestrian airbag

Posted by: Dan on 29/02/2012

Category: News and Events

Car safety is evolving beyond just the occupants

The Drive section of the SMH Online today reported that Volvo are introducing a world’s first pedestrian airbag to their new V40 Hatchback.

The new system is designed to detect an impact at the front bumper and deploy a U shaped airbag that is intended to reduce the risk of a pedestrian’s head suffering a direct impact with the bonnet or windscreen pillars of the car.

This innovation is, at least in part, due to the changing safety standards in Europe and Australia which are placing increased importance on pedestrian safety over the coming years.

Honestly, I think this is an excellent step in the right direction. Safety within a vehicle has been the primary objective of manufacturers for almost the entire life of the car. I understand the underlying assumption that has steered thinking in this direction, but as we continue to improve occupant safety, it’s high-time that we start to pay attention to protecting the safety of those outside of the vehicle as well.