The future of tyre replacement sales

Posted by: Dominic Byrne on 30/01/2013

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[Ed: This is a guest post from Dominic Byrne and continues our series on online tyre sales following this post.]

As the Digital Marketing Manager of Tyreright, it is in the business’s best interest to plan many years ahead.

I thought I would give you an insight into the way change will occur and how the tyre industry, particularly tyre sales online will function.

We have already witnessed how the marketers purchase funnel has recently changed. The traditional funnel of the consumer’s pathway to purchase fails to capture all the touch points resulting from the explosion of product choices and digital channels, coupled with the emergence of an increasingly discerning, well-informed consumer. The Internet is used by more than half of Australians when purchasing tyres, this will increase dramatically in the coming months and tyre transactions online will follow suit in years to come.

There is an increasing threat of competition, a threat that is welcomed by Tyreright by pushing standards and motivating us to continue to innovate. will launch early in 2013, Jax Quickfit the successful retailer along with Bridgestone and Yokahama are expected to publish new online platforms. We have to respect our retail competitors’ low barrier to entry, combined with a high threat of substitute products and moderate bargaining power of consumers.

Tyreright will continue to successfully sell online, maintaining its presence with the largest retail distribution model that allows consumers to buy their tyres online and choose a location to have them fitted. So how will tyre sales online and internet technology happen in the future?

In 2020+, The Future of Tyre Replacement Sales (Shopping Experience), will be:

  1. Cars (using onboard diagnostics) will alert you to tyre pressures, tread depth, wear and wheel balancing and then notify you when you have something that needs attention
  2. Car GPS or phone maps will inform you of the location of your nearby Tyreright stores
  3. Your smartphone application will instantly log you in to your Tyreright retail account, review fitting times or available spare bays, give you all the contact details (if needed) and provide suggested actions to place an order, make a booking or request emergency assistance
  4. Driving into the service centre, the store team member (greeting you by name) will instantly know (even if you haven’t booked in) why you are here, what tyres are on your car, when you were last in, what alternative tyres are in stock and then on approach hand you your ‘extra hot skim cappuccino with one’, exactly how you like it.
    1. If you need new tyres and you requested them before approach, the same ones will be made available and be at your bay (bay number texted through) as you approach
    2. You will have them fitted and drive off within 15 minutes, through a mobile checkout; you will be billed (active reward system updated and points deducted off the price) by email with an electronic receipt as you pull out of the drive (that is if you didn’t choose to swipe your mobile phone for payment)
  5. In store: With your phone, you can scan images and codes for various tyre options and receive instant reviews so you compare your own thoughts and peruse alternatives based on previous driving results such as; handling, wet weather, comfort, durability and fuel economy
  6. Smartphone enabled video product demonstrations can stream in real-time as requested

All of the above technology is available now; it’s just a matter of how much pressure the consumer puts on the industry to implement the infrastructure or which organisation rolls out the technology first to disrupt the market.

Dominic Byrne is the Digital Marketing Manager for Tyreright and Tyres4U, he has significant experience in online and tech companies, with a focus on digital marketing. He blogs on these topics regularly at