New Tyre Patterns That Are Gaining Traction

Posted by: Dan on 19/01/2016

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There are many reasons why you might purchase new tyres: replacing an old set, buying a spare set, or even buying another set just to experiment with different tyres before you find a favourite brand. And once you decide to buy, there are a multitude of options to consider when it comes to selecting a new set.


With so many new models coming on the market – and so many advances continuously occurring in tyre technology – deciding what to buy can start to feel a little overwhelming. Yet, with a little bit of research, you can be up to speed on the different types of tyres and the latest models available. Read on to look at 6 of the best new tyre models that are gaining traction in the market right now.

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

This tyre is an excellent pick for a driver keen on diversifying the use of their vehicle. A good choice for regular city roads, the Grandtrek AT20 is also a capable tyre for off-road driving. With reinforced casing that reduces the risk of sidewall damage, this is an ideal tyre for those seeking to move from gravel to granite roads in quick succession.

These tyres are a great selection for drivers who live on the urban fringe or in a rural area that regularly features unpaved roads and off-road conditions.

Goodyear Eagle LS-2

The Goodyear Eagle LS-2 is an outstanding selection for those who place a premium on effortless driving. As an all-season touring tyre, a set of Eagle LS-2s can be fitted to your car and used throughout the year.


Furthermore, the tyres’ circumferential grooves are optimised to increase traction in wet conditions, and also feature a special tread block sequence that enhances handling.

A set of these tyres is ideal for someone who uses their car infrequently (perhaps just a few times a week for grocery shopping), as well as a young new driver seeking to maximise lifespan from their next buy.

Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season

Like the Eagle LS, the Hankook Optimo H724 is an all-season tyre. While both the Eagle and the Optimo are great, the Hankook comes with the distinct advantage of a center rib block to enhance handling when changing direction. Furthermore, its jointless full cover is optimised to improve durability and brake performance.

These features make this set a particularly good pick for someone who lives in the CBD or inner city suburbs, where drivers regularly have to navigate narrow streets and make sharp turns. With an emphasis on precision and durability, these are great for city-dwellers who are looking for tyres that last.

Toyo Proxes T1 Sport

The T1 by Toyo is a great tyre for those who wish to bring a bit of sophistication to their auto.


As a high-performance tyre designed for use by sports vehicles, this is a tyre that brings an exceptional degree of precision to your daily drive. The ideal pick for someone who seeks an extra sharpness in their car’s responsiveness, the T1 is perfect for use on the freeway at high speeds or on free-flowing suburban roads.


It’s even ideal for those racing enthusiasts who take their car to the local track day on weekends.

Continental ContiPremiumContact™ 5

For those who live in the wetter climates of Australia, the ContiPremiumContact 5 from Continental is a worthwhile consideration for your next set of tyres. Designed for mid-size and executive vehicles, these tyres are designed for short braking in both wet and dry conditions. Whether you reside in suburban Hobart and often drive in rain, or you live in Far North Queensland and need to watch out for wildlife when driving home, the ContiPremiumContact 5 ensures that your car is equipped to safely respond to anything that may pop up in front of your bumper bar.

Yokohama SUV HT G055

The Yokohama G055 is a tyre designed to maximise ease-of-use with your 4WD or SUV. Crafted with an aim to maximise fuel efficiency, these tyres are a quality selection for someone who largely uses their 4WD or SUV inside city limits. Yet, also having been designed for wet weather conditions – and with quiet acoustics – these tyres are also excellent for those who love to roll the windows down and hear the sounds of the outdoors when driving along the coast or through a national park on weekends.

Deciding on the Right Set of Tyres

Buying a new set of tyres requires considering many factors beyond brand alone. What best suits your budget? What best suits your needs? Should you buy used tyres? And while understanding how your tyres work and what features they offer is very useful, nothing is better than seeing them up close and in person before making your purchase.


If one of the sets discussed here sounds like the perfect fit for your car, great! If not, you should now have a better idea of what features you would like to have in your new tyres. Your local Tyreright dealer, as always, is glad to answer any questions you might have.


Have you tried any of the tyres on this list? Or is there another set you are thinking of purchasing? We’d love to hear your opinion – let us know in the comments!

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