Did Formula1 Cars Really Race On Six Wheels

Posted by: Ben on 7/08/2013

Category: Racing

After 20 years of Formula1 vehicle and tyre development - 1971 saw the introduction of ‘slick’ tyres. Pioneered by Goodyear, the larger contact area provided a considerable increase in grip compared to the treaded tyres. Spurred on by the ongoing fight between privateers and manufacturers, this period of F1 racing was woven with trial and risk-taking in both vehicle styles and technology.  In 1976 Tyrrell launched their P34 which, as seen in the image, featured 4 specifically designed smaller front tyres. Due to a lack of development on the front tyres and the fact that the 6-wheeler only won one race, the design was eventually dropped. Formula1 later banned the use of 6-wheelers.

In the video below we get a first person commentary of Jackie Stewart at Circuit Paul Ricard in France.