New car tyre recommendations for V8

Posted by: Cal on 4/09/2013

Category: Racing

Car tyre safety is in the spotlight at the V8 Supercars this month, after a number of unusual puncturing incidents at events in New Zealand and at the Australian Queensland Raceway.

In the wake of these punctures, the V8 Supercars Commission has received advice from Dunlop, the company producing the tyres used on some of the new generation racers. These recommendations relate to what the minimum tyre pressure, as well as maximum camber (the angle of the wheels relative to the road), for the cars should be.

Dunlop provided the V8 Supercars Commission with photographs that showed how using tyres at low pressure can stress tyres and lead to damage.

"It’s a recommendation at this stage, however we’re not discounting mandating something in the future," said V8 Supercars Motorsport General Manager Damien White.

Car tyres aren't all to blame, however, with badly maintained track edges also thought to be a contributing factor to the punctures.

Of the investigation, Mr White said "there are a number of factors to consider."

"One is the manufacture of the tyre and the build, which we’re comfortable with," he said, noting that there was no evidence the puncturing issues were down to the tyres themselves.

"The other is circuit conditions. There is no doubt in some areas, be it from rain or other reasons, the circuits and drop offs on the back of kerbs haven’t been to the level we expect. That has also contributed."

In a press release issued by V8 Supercars on September 4 , it was said that the company also works with circuit operators to make sure that tracks are correctly prepared for races, considering that when drivers are at a high speed they may drift off the main strip. In such cases, it's necessary that edges be to a standard that won't damage the vehicle or its wheels or tyres.

Next week, all eyes will be on the lookout to see how car tyres cope at the PIRTEK Enduro Cup at the Wilson Security Sandown 500 that begins on September 13.

While you yourself might not be racing V8 Supercars, this is a great reminder of how all drivers should check their tyre pressure at regular intervals. As tyre pressure that is too low or too high can be dangerous, it's important to take the time to make sure everything is as it should be on a regular basis.