Racing legends throughout history: Part 1

Posted by: Cal on 4/02/2014

Category: Racing

This year's racing season is already heating up, with plenty of Formula One, V8 and NASCAR action to look forward to. Before you settle in for some quality time with the TV, however, take a look at this rundown of some of the greatest racing car drivers throughout history. Then prepare to impress your racing friends with your in-depth knowledge!

Juan Fangio

Mr Fangio is a prime example of how far Formula One has evolved over time. His success came without the fanfare, glitz and glamour, but that makes his prowess no less significant.

Known as a gentlemanly Argentinian, Juan Fangio claimed five World Championships in the 1950s and claimed almost half of the Grand Prix events he took part in.

His career was without the modern technology today's drivers are blessed with, and instead his success was due to his supreme strength and courage. Today, the 'Maestro' lives on in the hearts of many race enthusiasts as the greatest driver to ever grace the tracks.

Bruce McLaren

Bruce McLaren is an absolute Kiwi legend, founding Bruce McLaren Motor Racing in 1963 after becoming the youngest ever winner of a Grand Prix when he won the US competition at the age of 22.

He entered and drove his own car in the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix, becoming the second team owner to win such an event in a car bearing his own name. He designed and built his own cars, strategically thinking about everything from the car tyres through to the colour scheme and aerodynamics.

Since then, Team McLaren has gone on to become the most successful team in world motorsport - no mean feat for a New Zealander!

Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna was a ruthless three-time World Champion Formula One driver, famed for his otherworldly talent and ability to push himself beyond the limits. Not only was he incredibly driven and determined on the track, but his charisma and intelligence endeared him to audiences around the world.

Mr Senna was dedicated to providing a better future for underprivileged youth in his home country of Brazil, giving millions of his personal fortune to help those in need. Unfortunately, his life was cut short in 1994 when he speared off the Imola track in the San Marino Grand Prix and hit a concrete wall, dying instantly.

Chrissy Wallace

With many men in her family competing in NASCAR competitions, it's only natural that Chrissy Wallace would find herself on the race track. She has competed in the NASCAR and ARCA competitions, and was the first female driver to race against her father in NASCAR.

In 2011, Ms Wallace became the first female to win the ASA Late Model track championship, and was the first female regional champion to take the ASA West Region trophy home.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has made waves in the Formula One world for his exciting and dynamic driving style. He joined the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team in 2007, making quick work of climbing onto the podium several times in his first five races. His debut season was the most impressive of any rookie in Formula One.

He is strong under pressure and in tough conditions, winning 2008 titles in heavy downpours. His showmanship and flair was highlighted during this season, along with his skill and calm demeanour.

Mr Hamilton will always be known for his commitment, dedication and exciting driving style that injected life into the late-2000s Formula One scene.

Who do you think we've missed out when it comes to motor racing's latest and greatest? Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming part two of this series to find out.