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Posted by: Daniel Wright on 5/02/2015

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Tyreright are again proud to be part of the Sherrin Rentals V8 Race Car team.

We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming race season!

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8th May 2015

Grant and Iain Sherrin have laid claim to third outright and third for Division 2 at Queensland Raceway’s Willowbank 300 – part of the Australian Endurance Championship – at the weekend after being in contention for victory right to the dying minutes.

Their result sees them fifth in the points tally for the three-round AEC, which will conclude in November at Winton Motor Raceway.

A near faultless race saw the #18 Sherrin Rentals Racing BMW 135i reeling in the leaders lap after lap from second outright as the final minutes approached. However it wasn’t to be, with their chance of challenging for the outright victory scuppered when a front left puncture forced Grant into pit lane just laps from the finish. He would return to the track in third position, and while reducing the gap over the remaining laps there just wasn’t enough time to reclaim second position before the chequered flag flew.

"We blew the front left tyre under brakes coming into turn four, I tried to see how it felt but by the time I got around to pit exit I knew I had to bring it in,” said Grant Sherrin. “Iain did a great job in the first stint and at the start there was just tenths between three or four of us division 2 cars. Even later it was completely neck and neck and the only thing that was separating us was traffic, so there was plenty happening.

“We lost ten seconds under the ‘clamp down’ conditions and were chasing that down until the flat tyre intervened and forced us into the pits – up to that point we had been pulling in a second each lap to the leader. Other than the last minute issues it was a great race and a great run, everything went to plan right up to the end there, and while the end was unfortunate it is still good to come home with a podium and more points in the series.”

Earlier, Iain Sherrin had started the race for the brothers from fifth on the grid.

“Obviously encountering the flat tyre at the last minute was disappointing and to be so close to not only taking home second but challenging for the race victory, but we have come away with third and more valuable points in the series tally, and that is a good thing,” said Iain Sherrin.

“Up to that point we had been making time on the leader, the car had been absolutely faultless all day and our strategy had worked just how we wanted it too – it’s disappointing, but overall it was a good weekend for us, it just didn’t quite come together at the end as well as we would have liked, but that’s racing!”

In the #19, Michael Sherrin brought home the BMW135i he shares with co-driver David Ayres in eleventh outright and sixth in Division 2, after that entry was also the victim of a dying laps pit stop when a fuel surge issue caused by an malfunctioning fuel pump saw them required to come in for a splash of fuel to make it to the finish line.

"Aside from the fuel pump issue the car and the race was absolutely fantastic, we started 13th on the grid and took it up as high as seventh, two laps up and holding our own,” said Michael Sherrin. “David did a great job in the car and it was a good day at the race track for both of our cars, while you don't want to have unscheduled stops at the end of the race it does happen and we held our own pretty well regardless.

”While Michael Sherrin brought the #19 home, David Ayres had the honours of greeting the stater for the 96 lap event.

“The start went really well, the car was fantastic and had absolutely no problems all the way up until the fuel surge issue came up just before our scheduled pit stop at around lap 48 when we started coming close to the end of our fuel,” said Ayres. “Aside from that issue the car was great and we were very happy with it, and Michael did a great job to bring it home at the end despite having to make the last minute stop.”

Next up for Sherrin Racing is round two of the Australian Manufacturers Championship, set to hit the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit across May 22-24.