Cheap tyres can cost more than you think

Posted by: Jack on 5/04/2012

Category: Tyre Information

Usually a search for cheap tyres is the result of needing to replace tyres as part of getting a vehicle registered. In other words it’s an unexpected and somewhat unwelcome cost. It’s perfectly understandable, and shopping online makes it even easier to find the best deals on tyres.

However, the unspoken part of the search is that cheap tyres are not meant to be exclusive of good tyres. In fact, most of the time we’re not looking for the cheapest tyres we can find, but for the best balance of price and quality.

We’re looking for the best value tyres we can afford, and that’s a great way to shop, as long as we remember the additional costs associated with our tyres. These range from the fitting costs through to the overall wear and tear of the tyre, and to the impact it can have on your car’s fuel economy.

Here at Tyreright, we really want to help make all of this information easy for you to understand and to incorporate it into your decision making. That’s why we’ve created some neat visual symbols to demonstrate the characteristics of our tyres (e.g. for Fuel Economy, Durability, etc.).

We also want you to know that our prices include:

  • fitting
  • electronic balancing
  • valve replacement
  • the environmental disposal of your old tyres

This means that our prices represent great overall value, with no hidden extras.

We understand that buying tyres can be confusing and complicated, and that’s why we’re working hard to simplify the process. Our site helps you select the right tyre for your needs and book an appointment to have them fitted at a time that suits you

. Of course, if you have any questions you’re always welcome to use our live chat or call us on 138 168 or to use our live chat feature. We’re only too happy to help.