Are all tyres created equal?

Posted by: Cal on 30/04/2013

Category: Tyre Information

We're all consumers and we're probably all used to shopping around to get the best deal no matter what we are buying.

Yet for some items it pays to do a bit more research so you can ensure you are getting the quality you need.

That's the case with tyres. It may be tempting to think all tyres are the same, yet closer inspection will reveal there are in fact a wide range of different characteristics to choose from.

For this reason, you need to do a good tyre comparison before you even start to think about price.

This way you can ensure that you get the tyres you need, rather than some that are mismatched to your driving requirements.

Naturally, people are busy and can't be expected to become tyre gurus each time they need some new ones, which is why Tyreright has made it easy to compare tyres across our entire range on our website.

We've rated each of our tyres based on five key performance characteristics - Great Handling; Wet Conditions; Comfort; Durable; and Fuel Economy.

This way you can make your tyre purchase decisions based on the kind of qualities you need in your tyres, based on your driving needs.